Saturday, June 29, 2019

Red Lake Ontario Canada fishing report Anglers Kingdom biggest ever

Mike Proska  and Eric returned for their 6th time with a few “not yet believers” . It only took a few days. Evenafter a major cold front took temperatures from 85 to 40. A 32 inch walleye a bunch of 24-28 inches and a 45 inch pike  along with hundreds more fish of less stature and they are true believers in the outstanding fishery of Nungesser Lake. “Never would have believed I could catch so many walleye in one day” “ it made me a better fisherman simply with the amount of practice I was able to get.”

Why do THEY always catch the biggest fish at Anglers Kingdom

Children and Grandchildren accompanying their parents and grandparents are creating lifelong memories and gaining valuable life lessons with out even realizing it. So are the adults! I have always said how rewarding it is to see my guests catch the largest pike or largest walleye of their lives while fishing at Anglers Kingdom. It is even more meaningful seeing the look on the face of a young person holding that fish of a lifetime. Many people fish elsewhere for 20 or  30 years and never catch a true trophy size Pike or Walleye. 
But the question of why the youngsters always seem to catch the biggest fish of the group? Well the old saying goes “ its how you hold your mouth”

Precious Memories fishing with Grand daughter

Quincy with her Grampa Matt.  “ it’s becoming a tradition” and more grandkids are joining the group.
Jack Beavers started visiting Anglers Kingdom the second year we opened. Then sons and daughters joined in. Now we have granddaughters and grandsons.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fish are back on the bite after major cold front.

Fishing was great June 1 - 8. Ken Graber and his group had outstanding fishing. “Better than ever” was his comment.

Seemed like everyone in camp told me they caught the “biggest fish of their lives”. We had a serious cold front come thru June 8th temperature went from the 80s down to 50s and wind stayed out of the north for the whole week.  As a result the fish went deeper and were very slow on the bite. Had to leave your jig actually motionless on the bottom to get any nibbles. The guests still caught plenty of fish and “their largest walleye ever.”

 Even Jack Beavers group has been saying this week that they are catching more big walleye than ever. They have all caught huge walleye here over their past 12 years visiting so it’s not so easy for them to catch “their largest fish ever”. But both of the new members of the group caught “their largest fish ever”

Mike Proska caught another 32 inch walleye and a “bunch of 28-30”  but 32 inch only ties his 32 in her from his first trip 7 years ago.  Everyone in his group are having excellent fishing.

Still lots of stuff to haul in. But the excavator helps with lots of work.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

And the Season Starts May 31

We didn’t book any Anglers before May 31st. Didn’t want to worry about a late ice out. ( turned out the ice was gone May 11.)
Our first group and Jasons first day of his first trip and he had caught his latest pike ever.
A beautiful thick healthy trophy Pike.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

First fish of 2019

Well we finally got out for an hour to see what all the fuss is about regarding fishing.
And YES it is awesome. Debs first fish was this beauty.

Hayden has been busy upgrading all the fishing machines.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Late April hauling materials across ice

Hayden and I spent most of March and April hauling material for the water tower, generator shed, board walk etc.
This photo was when we started hauling gas March 10. It was nice to have the excavator to clear out some walking paths and help unload some things.

Here we are later in March, still lots of snow. We were using our truck with tracks. Unfortunately we had trouble with one track and we not able to get much hauled in.

Hayden doing repairs to the track on our truck. We removed it, took it to town, repaired the bearings and brought it back up and reinstalled the track. But buy then ice conditions were not ideal for hauling 20,000 lb loads. So we switched to tracked UTVs

We made only 2 trips with our John deer gator on tracks and had mechanical problems with he gators engine. Hayden replaced the starter and the water pump / seals but there was still coolant in the engine. So we went with our Polaris ranger on tracks and back o the old tried and true method o o skidoo’s.

We used trailers to get thru the bush trail because the snow was gone and sleighs wouldn’t work well anymore.
We could have switched to sleighs on the lake but would have to transfer loads and had enough hard labor .  

By April 30 we were done with hauling. The ice  was not safe. We could have hauled small loads with snow machine but we had plenty of work to keep us busy waiting for the ice to go out.

We made one last trip hauling the skidoo’s out to the road. Then Hayden started installing the New honda 60s.

Hayden continued to install other motors like the 130 for our 20 foot work boat that we hauled in using the truck with tracks. This will be a great addition to our fleet of transport boats. We bought another one for a guest fishing boat so we are up to six 20 ft boats. 3 of which are guests fishing boats. Guests feel very safe and comfortable in these big stable roomy boats.

The excavator has made removing and installing motors much much easier. What used to be an all day job can be done in hours now. Hayden is busy cleaning up all the little things not he boats. So will be all ready for guest Sweeney you arrive. Our Lund Outfitters and PRO Vs are not longer brand new and  the maintenance will never end but we believe we have the finest fleet of guest operated boats at any remote camp in Canada. The nBrand new 2019 Honda 60 has are so sweet. They troll down to almost nothing. So no need for trolling motors. Plus they jump up on step and cruise at 33 miles per hour. So what snot to like. I will post a video so you can see how quiet and smooth the are.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Random photos from 2018 and winter cross ice hauling.

Lucas mid September 2018

The Wolosek group has been coming for so many years I lost count. 
Some of the photos look so much alike it is hard to imagine they are from different years. 
If you get the chance ask them to tell you about some of the amazing fish “stories”  they have experienced here at the Kingdom.

Andrea and Sean were up for another visit. And as usual caught a bunch of nice fish.

John Higgins was up for his first visit. I met John when he came to Way North Wilderness Camp which I built “way up north “ back in the 1990s.

If you wonder what we do in our “spare” time up here in the winter here are a few photos of our winter haul.
This is our truck with tracks. Works awesome for hauling thru deep snow, even slush, but also need repairs and out on the ice in the cold makes it much more challenging. 

We also bought a john Deere Gator with tracks. One more machine in the arsenal. Of course we also have a couple of work horse Ski Doo snow machines.

The Elder Pete Leonovicz with just one of his many awesome walleye caught at the Kingdom. 

Just happened by this photo of a  46 inch pike when Hayden was about 5 or 6 years old.

Beers a cute photo of Bear learning about fishing. I caught a5 or 6 decent pike off the dock this evening and each one grabbed a walleye I was realing in.
 Todd caught his largest walleye ver right in front of camp. Literally hundreds of our guests catch the fish of their dreams within eyesight of camp

Lucas and the boys wer up in late September 2018 and here is one of the nice pike they caught.