Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WE GOT THE ROOF ON - - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I was looking thru some photos this evening and found these pics of Stu working on the Lodge roof.
I started building the new lodge dining room back in 2007 and was going to finish it the spring of 2008 but decided to wait until fall.
Turned out to be a good idea.
The economy went south in a hurry that June.
I've been waiting to "see how things go"
Ed Jantz and the guys helped throw a tarp on the roof that fall.
But finally decide to at least put the shingles on this summer.
Depending on how things look next spring I may go ahead and finish it off.
I will definitely be a great addition to the camp and will be a large dining room, lounge, with maybe a pool table, shuffle board, big screen TV etc.
A meeting place and focal point.
Anyway here is a pic of Stu on the roof.

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