Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season Greetings - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

The Geary Family &
Angler's Kingdom 

Hello to all our friends and valued guests.  It is not as white as usual for this time of year. The lake finally froze completely November 6th. Still not much snow so it looks like winter won't arrive until well maybe actually  winter.
SO WHAT'S NEW? Well this letter may get a bit lengthy so I've put some headings in it. First of all let me apologize to those who did not receive last year's news letter. I'm still not great at this email stuff and tried sending out email's in groups and the end result is some guests never received it.  So if you don't get this letter let me know LOL.  ( just kidding) Actually I will post it on our blog and hopefully at some point you will read it and please get in touch with me so you will know that I haven't forgot you most likely just lost your address. If you contact me I can get current with everyone's emails.  Also here is the link to our blog - I will post this letter along with the photos that go with the stories. I can't put the photos in with this email because I've learned that many spam filters will just reject the whole email.
WEATHER   We had a great summer especially late summer. Fall was spectacular. The fishing was just as exceptional as the weather. What do you know  - great fishing and great weather nice combo aye?   

We caught a Pike over 50 inches again for the 7th year in a row. A guest from southern Ontario caught a beautiful thick fat, healthy - fifty and one half inch Pike in July. It was an awesome fish and a truly trophy pike. The fish of a lifetime. And we had at least 8 Walleye over 30 inches. The biggest walleye of 2011  topped 32 inches.

Late August and September had outstanding fishing with more  Huge Pike over 44-48 inches.
Rick and Mike each caught their personal best (46 & 48) off Walleye Point trolling Cisco imitating crank baits.

Jack beaver and almost all of the Gannon builders group caught their largest Pike and Walleye ever (in the 43 - 46 inch range) trolling similar cranks around Ferret Islands and around Windy Point.



Debra and Seanna had a double.  Debs was a 48 inch pike.  Seanna's was a 291/2 inch walleye.

Dan Mohr , Bruce and Laura Nash, The Hodne group were all able to return for the 7th year in a row.

Denny burns, another old friend  that was able to visit for almost the entire summer. I immensely enjoyed our conversations and the redevelopment of our old friendship. Denny helped me a lot in getting my head turned in the right direction while battling my ailment.  I credit Denny for a big part of my recovery.

I was thrilled when Dennies grand daughter and friend caught their largest pike ever - a double on big pike. Actually I had a third big pike on at the same time.  Feeding frenzy on pike attacking walleye.



Denny, Dennis and I had a triple header on big walleye.
150- 200 fish afternoons were common.

"Get up about noon, go 5 minutes from camp  catch 3 or 4 TROPHY walleye - what a lake" 
 Dennis Kellner was up for another 10 week visit and continued the tradition of catching more big walleye.

HEALTH   Many of you have known  that I have been battling some kind of illness for the past 9 years. I've had what I can only describe as the feeling of a broom handle stuck thru the top of my head and down thru the left side of my neck. With the left half of my face numb and the right side hurting like heck. My neck  and right side hurting like (heck). An indescribable amount of pain that no pills could even take the edge off . And thru it all an unrelenting, all encompassing fatigue. Many days I simply could not even stand up.  As a result there were times  that  I was unable to carry on even simple conversations and many guests began to feel that I was not interested in them or the camp.  If  I had a steel plate in my head or two broken legs my disability or limitations would have been obvious. But my ailment was every bit as debilitating and as it worsened this spring I contemplated closing the camp and going on permanent disability. I'll never sell the camp as I bought it for Seanna and Hayden. When they grow up they can decide what they want to do with it.

Thru a combination of homeopathic therapies from local practitioner Crystal Trull,  some much appreciated  help from friends like Dan Mohr and Denny Burns along with  an  amazingly simple diet supplement that I miraculously found by accident I have started on the path to renewed health. I'm hoping that I will continue on that path to a full recovery.  Time will tell. The immediate results are less pain, more energy , better memory and the ability to focus  once again.  This has lead to more communication with everyone, friends, guests, family  and me spending more time on the water.
NEW DISCOVERIES More time on the water has lead to finding more new fishing spots and I found some dandies. I caught 4 walleye over 30 inches in the last half of August. People fishing with me caught dozens of 27 - 29 inch walleye.  I can recall SIX  29 inch walleye. We found other areas swarming with thousands of nice 18 - 20 inch walleye with 150 - 200 fish  days common. 
Nungesser's unique "open water" pike swarms occur more often than I first realized.  I've discovered rock shelf's  where pike lay similar to how they lay in a  weed bed. And I've found many more areas where we can trigger dramatically more  pike attacks on walleye on your line.


Just as a few years ago we discovered  how good North Bay is. This year we discovered how good South Bay, Lunker bay,  No Fish Bay  and Travers Bay area. It goes back to what I've been saying for the past few years. "The more you fish Nungesser the better you like it."
And all of this was shared with guests at camp because the old me was back (almost). I had the energy needed to do what used to come so naturally. Several guest commented on the new (old)  me. I know being able to have meaningful conversations with my friends and guests  was much more enjoyable for me and it was gratifying to see it show once again on their faces.


  Seanna and Hayden are doing well - busy as you would expect. (got to brag on em a bit here) Seanna was in the local newspaper 9 weeks straight last spring. Everything from Chess tournaments ( they both qualified for the nationals)  to winning regional science fairs. She won gold medals at zone and regional skating competitions  and on and on. Hayden is right in there as well. Winning games and scoring goals playing hockey. Including the final goal on the final  shot in an overtime shootout for the tournament championship.  Not many kids (or adults)  get to take that shot and score.  Needless to say I was completely thrilled for him - sent chills down my spine. A few weeks ago his team won the Dryden tournament winning 6 games straight. Defeating teams from Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, Dryden, Kenora etc. 

What's new at Camp 
LODGE  Well we finally got the roof on the lodge/ dining room. I still don't know when I will have the ability to finish the lodge. It will be a great addition to the camp. However the financial reality will dictate the completion date. I know I will be doing as much work to it myself as possible. I can do the wiring and insulation and I have most of the windows. However I don't know when I will have the money for the pine to finish the inside. We will see how things develop. 

Boat house for 14 boats.

WATER  The water was so low by the time I closed camp I could only get boats to the floating docks. Which were not actually floating much anymore.  So it looks like I may be building a bunch of docks next spring.

BOARDWALK We completed about 150 feet of the boardwalk and hope to complete the entire camp from every cabin to the docks and in between. 

BOOK YOUR TRIP FOR 2012  Please consider booking your fishing vacation with us for 2012.  I am confident you will find a much improved operation in every aspect. My improved health will be very healthy for Angler's Kingdom. I promise only positive improvement now and in the future.  We've worked extremely hard  thru the crushing effects of the recession and although shaken are back on more solid footing.   And I begin with renewed enthusiasm for a great 2012. I have always known how important this one week (one for most) is to all of you. And the "Canada trip"  has become even more important for many of the reasons just talked about. I recall a great comment from Pete Leonovitz last year when three generations of them  returned for their second visit of the season. "A second Canada trip. It's like getting an extra year added to your life". For many looking back on life the years are counted by memories of those trips to Canada. I would sincerely appreciate being part of those memories.  I look forward to continuing to develop friendships. Debra, Seanna and Hayden have also developed some great close friendships.
I've said for years that a 4 day trip is not enough -  but better than no trip at all. Even a week is too quick. With the advent of more modern and comfortable facilities one of the nice added attractions is that many women have discovered that Angler's Kingdom is a pretty nice place to visit. Now more savvy (some retired)  men have realized they may be able to parlay this into 2, 3 or even 6 week visits.  NOW we're talking.  I have had more couples coming for  2- 6 weeks visits and they love it. A more relaxed less frantic pace. They don't worry if the weather is bad because they don't have to squeeze in every minute like a shorter trip. They spend more time just exploring, looking at wildlife, picking blueberries or ? The net result is they enjoy the entire experience much more.

I'm sure there are many more things I could write about but come on up this summer and we'll talk about it then.

From our family to yours we wish you all the best and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Kevin, Debra, Seanna and Hayden


Thursday, October 13, 2011

SPOT ON THE WALL OF FAME - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I thought it would be nice to share another great story  I received from some very fine guest's Rick and Mike.
Hi Kevin, how are you doing?

We had a great time and Belinda and Brian were very accommodating and helpful.

On Wednesday I mentioned to Denny that there was a blank spot on the "Wall of fame" just above Mike's picture, I said "I think that spot is for me"!
On Thursday, sunny and dry finally, we went to walleye point in the morning. As we trolled around the corner going south then west against the wind, I hooked a GIANT pike around 10:30 on  a saltwater Rapala (white with dark top). 
It took off for a long while, then I was able to bring it in and as Mike netted the fish, the lure came loose :) happy . It measured 46 inches. We were able to quickly  take a few snaps and return it as soon as possible to the water.

We appreciated that you were at the camp during our stay and able to give us great advice.
(" I showed them the spot and was there when Mike caught his 48 inch Pike and took the attached photo").

So we both caught  our personal bests or the "Fish of a lifetime" (so far :) happy) , we need to improve on that next time.

I am attaching the best picture

and I used the same lure all of Wednesday and Thursday as I caught fish throughout those 2 days.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eagles fighting - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Here is some pretty good  video I took of the Eagles right in front of camp.

WE GOT THE ROOF ON - - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I was looking thru some photos this evening and found these pics of Stu working on the Lodge roof.
I started building the new lodge dining room back in 2007 and was going to finish it the spring of 2008 but decided to wait until fall.
Turned out to be a good idea.
The economy went south in a hurry that June.
I've been waiting to "see how things go"
Ed Jantz and the guys helped throw a tarp on the roof that fall.
But finally decide to at least put the shingles on this summer.
Depending on how things look next spring I may go ahead and finish it off.
I will definitely be a great addition to the camp and will be a large dining room, lounge, with maybe a pool table, shuffle board, big screen TV etc.
A meeting place and focal point.
Anyway here is a pic of Stu on the roof.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mr Loon Visits Again - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Mr. Loon came for another visit while we were out fishing.
He actually grabbed Jarod's walleye while he was reeling it in.
Everyone was excited about it including the loon.
Here is a pic of Jarods Pike
Conner caught a nice pike on a bulldawg while the rest of us were walleye fishing
He was King for the day.
More about Jarod and Conners adventures later.