Saturday, June 29, 2019

Red Lake Ontario Canada fishing report Anglers Kingdom biggest ever

Mike Proska  and Eric returned for their 6th time with a few “not yet believers” . It only took a few days. Evenafter a major cold front took temperatures from 85 to 40. A 32 inch walleye a bunch of 24-28 inches and a 45 inch pike  along with hundreds more fish of less stature and they are true believers in the outstanding fishery of Nungesser Lake. “Never would have believed I could catch so many walleye in one day” “ it made me a better fisherman simply with the amount of practice I was able to get.”

Why do THEY always catch the biggest fish at Anglers Kingdom

Children and Grandchildren accompanying their parents and grandparents are creating lifelong memories and gaining valuable life lessons with out even realizing it. So are the adults! I have always said how rewarding it is to see my guests catch the largest pike or largest walleye of their lives while fishing at Anglers Kingdom. It is even more meaningful seeing the look on the face of a young person holding that fish of a lifetime. Many people fish elsewhere for 20 or  30 years and never catch a true trophy size Pike or Walleye. 
But the question of why the youngsters always seem to catch the biggest fish of the group? Well the old saying goes “ its how you hold your mouth”

Precious Memories fishing with Grand daughter

Quincy with her Grampa Matt.  “ it’s becoming a tradition” and more grandkids are joining the group.
Jack Beavers started visiting Anglers Kingdom the second year we opened. Then sons and daughters joined in. Now we have granddaughters and grandsons.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fish are back on the bite after major cold front.

Fishing was great June 1 - 8. Ken Graber and his group had outstanding fishing. “Better than ever” was his comment.

Seemed like everyone in camp told me they caught the “biggest fish of their lives”. We had a serious cold front come thru June 8th temperature went from the 80s down to 50s and wind stayed out of the north for the whole week.  As a result the fish went deeper and were very slow on the bite. Had to leave your jig actually motionless on the bottom to get any nibbles. The guests still caught plenty of fish and “their largest walleye ever.”

 Even Jack Beavers group has been saying this week that they are catching more big walleye than ever. They have all caught huge walleye here over their past 12 years visiting so it’s not so easy for them to catch “their largest fish ever”. But both of the new members of the group caught “their largest fish ever”

Mike Proska caught another 32 inch walleye and a “bunch of 28-30”  but 32 inch only ties his 32 in her from his first trip 7 years ago.  Everyone in his group are having excellent fishing.

Still lots of stuff to haul in. But the excavator helps with lots of work.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

And the Season Starts May 31

We didn’t book any Anglers before May 31st. Didn’t want to worry about a late ice out. ( turned out the ice was gone May 11.)
Our first group and Jasons first day of his first trip and he had caught his latest pike ever.
A beautiful thick healthy trophy Pike.