Friday, October 5, 2012

Winter Arrives Early- Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Winter arrived early
We received over a foot of snow in 24 hours.
The power in Red Lake was out for 24 hours.
Anglers Kingdom was wartm and cozy but the trees took a beating.
Dozens of trees broke or uprooted from the weight of the snow.
dozens more had branches snapped off.
It was actually dangerous to work outside.
I was going to have Hayden help me move some things with the bike but decided it was to dangerous. Moments later a 30 foot top of a tree snapped off and landed a few feet from the ATV.
So we spent the day doing other things.
There is plenty to do when closing camp.
It typically takes about a week.
The boats have to be pulled out lower units removed and taken to town.
The water and sewer system and heat system need to be drained.
All the toilets, sinks, taps etc winterized.
And it seems like a thousand little things need to be done.
Will be leaving tomorrow before the next snow storm hits.
It's all over for this season.
thanks again for a great year.
I will still be posting some fishing pics that I didn't get too.