Sunday, April 14, 2019

Random photos from 2018 and winter cross ice hauling.

Lucas mid September 2018

The Wolosek group has been coming for so many years I lost count. 
Some of the photos look so much alike it is hard to imagine they are from different years. 
If you get the chance ask them to tell you about some of the amazing fish “stories”  they have experienced here at the Kingdom.

Andrea and Sean were up for another visit. And as usual caught a bunch of nice fish.

John Higgins was up for his first visit. I met John when he came to Way North Wilderness Camp which I built “way up north “ back in the 1990s.

If you wonder what we do in our “spare” time up here in the winter here are a few photos of our winter haul.
This is our truck with tracks. Works awesome for hauling thru deep snow, even slush, but also need repairs and out on the ice in the cold makes it much more challenging. 

We also bought a john Deere Gator with tracks. One more machine in the arsenal. Of course we also have a couple of work horse Ski Doo snow machines.

The Elder Pete Leonovicz with just one of his many awesome walleye caught at the Kingdom. 

Just happened by this photo of a  46 inch pike when Hayden was about 5 or 6 years old.

Beers a cute photo of Bear learning about fishing. I caught a5 or 6 decent pike off the dock this evening and each one grabbed a walleye I was realing in.
 Todd caught his largest walleye ver right in front of camp. Literally hundreds of our guests catch the fish of their dreams within eyesight of camp

Lucas and the boys wer up in late September 2018 and here is one of the nice pike they caught.