Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just another day in the life of a remote camp - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

In case you were wondering how we get seasoned wood for the wood boiler.
The wood boiler heats the hot water for showers, dishes etc and also provides heat for most of the cabins.
It won't be long before the mornings are cool and some heat will be very welcome in the morning.

My first walleye over 30 inches (this summer) - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I've had a bunch of 27-29 inchers but this is my first walleye over 30 inches this season.
Caught on an orange jig and a frozen shiner?!?!?
I've lost count of how many big walleye we've caught on this setup.

Another walleye over 30 inches.
I like it.

Giant Walleye Record for the year - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Hayden with a huge walleye caught half a mile from camp.
A new spot not far from the Wall and Dans spot.
There were plenty of big walleye holding in about 18 - 20 feet of water.
We have found several new spots again this year and low and behold they hold big fish!!
Andreas ginormous pike came out of one of the "new" spots - near the virgin islands.
No matter which part of the lake we fish we find numbers and size.
And no matter what part of Natures Calendar is in play we can find an area to take advantage of it.
This past week the perch have come out of the weeds and we find huge blobs of them on structure and just out over open water. Walleye have been found from 4 to 44 feet of water. And they are scattered more than any other time of year.
But the same as with the "dreaded" may fly hatch, we have found ways to take advantage of it.
(we've found the week of the may fly hatch in early July to be one of the most productive weeks of the year)
I've said it many times already.
The more I fish this lake the better I like it.
The amount of structure and variety of structure is phenomonal.
Rock, sand or mud flats. Transition zones, deep water flats, shallow water flats.
deep drop offs from shallow to deep from mid level to deeper.
Current, narrows, current over deep water structure, or shallow water structure.
Mid lake or shorelince connections and migration routes.
It is all here in abundance - just like the fish

Seanna, Hayden and friends Logan and Brady were all having fun.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Andrea with her giant pike - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Another huge pike taken within minutes of Anglers Kingdom on Nungesser lake.
Released to fight another day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I continue to make positive improvements for our guests - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Even with the economy being slow and revenue down I continue to make positive improvements to the camp for our cherished guests and friends. Revenue is down because the U.S. dollar is down.
My  U.S. guests won't notice because my rates are in U.S.. If I Charged in Canadian dollars like many other camps have switched to then my guests would not know until they arrive how much their visit will actually cost. I wouldn't do that to them. Even with the dollar being close right now.
But the result is that my revenue effectively dropped fifty percent within six weeks in spring of 2008.

I haven't been just sitting on my hands waiting for the economy to improve.
Here are some photos of Dave installing the tower and antenaes to increase the range and effectveness of our Marine radios and radio telephone system

We have finished our boardwalk from the kitchen/dining room past cabin 3,4,5,6,7 to my cabin.
Regardless of the economy and not having much to work with I really felt like it would be worth trying to complete this project.
I will try to get from the kitchen to cabin one done this fall.
Guest really apprciate the ease of walking and the reduction of sand into the cabins.
Unfortunately I had to spend a huge amount of money and time repairing docks this May thru July.
The ice took out pretty well all of them.
That is the first time since we started that the docks were damaged hopefully it will be the last.
I would have much prefered spending those resources on moving forward with the camp.
I bought a 24 foot boat with 230 hp motor to move people on those windy rainy days.
This will be a great addition
I also added a 90 hp motor and boat in the river to speed up transportation to the portage.
Modified our other boats to handle loads and stress better.
hauled in lumber to build new ramp  and dock system to further streamline transportation system.
When all of the improvements are fully "online" we will have significantly reduced operating costs and efficiency and reduced the amount of time it takes our guests to reach camp.
We designed an excellent bracket to strengthen our boat seats.
They are now better than the original Lund seats.
This is a very welcome addition to the fleet.
Added hydro foils to all the boats (have most of them installed)
New radios, sonar units, transducers,
In addition to the ongoing maintenance, flooring, paint, anchors, etc etc, etc .
Dave put new routers and wiring trhoughout camp to make better wifi connection in the entire camp and all cabins.
More entertainment for the kids.
Knee board, water skis, inner tube, rope etc, diving dock, water slide, zip line, swing rope into the lake  etc.
There are literally dozens of other things we've done to improve our guests experience here at Anglers Kingdom.

Still haven't finished the new dining room/ lodge.
I will continue to splug away at it.
I plan to install the windows and paint the exterior this falls.
Finishing it completely will just have to wait until revenues stabilize.
Hey gotta go fishing
talk soon

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11 -Beautiful day on the water - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Weather continues to be gorgeous.
Here is a nice walleye Dan Mohr caught over in Lunker Bay.
In my boat fishing was steady today.
Not fast just one or two here and one or two a little further over.
Had a 40 inch pike on a jig and minnow.
The Walleye Wizard reports " A very productive day"

Walleye - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Hey Todd Nice walleye
glad the net man did a better job than on your 29 incher.
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From: Todd <>
Date: Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 6:41 PM
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August report - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I have not had time to do any reports but here goes.
Water levels are back to normal.
There were a few forest fires but a decent amount of rain has the fire danger low.
Fishing and weather have been outstanding all season.
I would say the numbers are a little higher than average.

Biggest Pike to date this season has been 46 inches biggest walleye 29.5
We have averaged one over 50 and one over 30 each season.
But hte season is still young.
.My only heling hand since mid June is a young man from Dryden named Tyler  Schott
Tyler has turned out to be an outstanding employee and is excellent in accomodating guests needs.
Belinda is back and her cooking keeps getting better and better.
The latest comment from an 82 year old guest was that her pie was "The best I ever tasted"
My improved health has allowed me to spend more time with guests and more time guiding.
I have found even more great fishing spots.
Like most people -the more I fish this lake the better I like it.
We have more people visiting the Kingdom in August and September  than in May and June which is the opposite of past years.
I will post more reports and photos soon