Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The fishing will be great this year - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Hi everyone All is well here in the north. Getting things ready for the season It is getting time for you to get ready as well. If you haven't confirmed your spot now is the time - many are full. I'm starting to get the traditional questions about "How's the ice?" Well here's the scoop There is not much good ice. lots of soft white ice but only about 6 inches of good clear stuff. It looks like it will be an early ice out. but it always depends on the weather. I'll say April 18 but in reality it is still too early to tell Just some intuition and a few years experience. The guys just pulled their equipment off of the winter road. fully loaded semi's were using the ice road just a few days ago. This past weekend I drove across the lake to Cochenour to take Seanna to her figure skating yearly exhibition. ( she won gold at events in fort frances and thunder bay) Still no problem driving snow machines on the lake. but this year I think it will go fast. People will have to take a second look before crossing any of the lakes. I'll keep you posted. One thing is for sure - The fishing will be great this year. kg