Sunday, January 12, 2020

Anglers Kingdom review 2019 Pinters

Dave Pinter, his Dad and brother have become regulars at Anglers Kingdom.
Their preferred time is later August and early September.
Here are a few photos from their 2019 visit.

Anglers Kingdom Review 2019 Mike Quill

2019 Anglers Kingdom review Hess

I no particular order lets review some of the outstanding fishing of 2019.
Barry Hess, Steve Hess and  Roger Young and  have been coming to Anglers Kingdom for 10 years.
Twice a year many times.
I spent a few hours on the water with them this September and everyone caught giant walleye.
Here are a few photos to soothe your winter cabin fever.

Anglers Kingdom Review Rick

Sorry got busy plowing snow and being sick with the flu.
Maybe I can do 2 posts today to catch up.
Many thanks to Rick Butler posted a very nice 5 star review today and over 40 photos.
Many of which I’ve never seen.
Here are a few to enjoy