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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some trophy pike and walleye from 2009

IThe 2009 season started with a foot and a half of snow.

Even with the cold weather Big Pike were caught each day. Jay Brooks caught his biggest pike ever, a giant 47 inch beauty took a dead bait presentation just 20 minutes into his fishing trip. “My legs were shaking, what a fish, the fish of a lifetime.” said Jay. However the next day jay caught another 47 inch pike. It would have been his biggest ever if he hadn’t caught his biggest ever the day before. Actually Jay had caught a 46 inch pike just 5 minutes into his day of fishing with me on his first trip to Anglers Kingdom two years ago.
Jay has learned the secret to catch truly giant pike. Patience. I can remember when jay would come back to camp and tell me he’d fished here and here and here and you get the idea. I told Jay what I’ve told literally thousands of anglers over the years. Rule number one, go where the fish are. And then fish for big fish.
“FISH FOR BIG FISH” This sounds like a simple statement but it is critical in your success if what you want is a giant pike. What I mean by this is don’t just run into a spot, slosh around in the shallow weeds and chase out a few little hammer handles, then head to the next spot. Set up where the big fish are and wait them out. Sometimes it takes 10-20 minutes sometimes it takes several hours or even days. There is one gentleman who has been fishing Nungesser long before I built Anglers Kingdom. He has always stayed at another lodge but we get a chance to chat now and then. He knows exactly what I’m talking about. He has a few favourite spots and he waits for the big girls to show up.
It would take quite a bit of time to describe all the potential places that hold giant pike. When guests are at camp I sit with them and point out spots on the map. I draw little detailed diagrams of the exact spot where I feel they will find what they want. Sometimes I’ll just take them to the spot. I also guide as much as possible but it seems like I have less and less time forthat.
I recall a guest back in 2006 who told me all he wanted was one giant pike. I set him up on a spot and by the end of the third day he had a 49 inch pike. He told me it was well worth the wait. He had been fishing Canada for over 30 years so 3 days was a short wait for the biggest fish of his life.
In August it took just 5 minutes for Roger Dahlager to catch the biggest pike of his 25 year quest for a Giant pike.

I’m getting ahead of myself.
The first week of 09 was remarkably good considering the major snow fall and cold front it started with.
We were catching big walleye and big Pike. The big walleye were even more surprising as many of them hadn’t spawned yet.
Rick Puig and his son were up for his first time ever fishing walleye or pike. They both landed walleye over 28 inches and pike over 38 inches. I think they are “Hooked”.

The second week was more of the same. The warming water got the Pike more active and they started hitting stick baits worked slowly. Larry Siebenthal and his son caught about 20 big pike, biggest was 44.
They had several doubles which says a lot for their prowess. They are musky fisherman and perhaps had the patience needed to make it happen. I drew out one of those little diagrams of about 5 spots and they worked those 5 all week. Sometimes one or two a day, some days all 5. On the days they fished all 5 they caught less fish. That is a common thread I’ve found on any lake any time of year.

Ted Beran and the guys were back again for the fourth straight year. Lynn Anderson couldn’t make it and we all hope is doing well. Lynn is the gentleman that carved the big pike for us. Teds group did well, had some doubles on big pike.

Mike Fliss reported catching 30 walleye over 30 inches. All I can say is WOW.'m just adding these photos as I find them
Not in any particular order

Here is Mike Fliss with a 30 inch walleye
Mike reported catching about 40 walleye in the 30 inch range during a 3 day period right after ice out.

Mike was fishing with Rick Puig and his son
Rick said he couldn't believe the number and size of walleye.

Jay Brooks has been visiting Anglers Kingdom since 2006
He has caught huge pike on each visit.
this spring Jay caught two monster size pike.
Both were nearing the 30lb mark.
Jay has caught more 20lb pike here than he has caught in his entire life.

Larry Seibenthal and his son made their first visit to The Kindgom in May 2009.
although they arrived shortly after a foot of snow they caught dozens of big pike.
Each day they were more and more impressed.
I'll try to find a bunch of their photos and do a post just on them.

Tim Hanson with a trophy Northern Ontario Pike.

Tim Schultz with a spoon fed pike.
Caught trolling in middle narrows on Nungesser lake.
Tim has been a guest at Anglers Kingdom since we began operation in 2006

Seanna Geary with a massive Ontario Walleye.
This walleye would be a trophy in anybodies book.

A place for all ages.

3 generations of anglers with their trophies at Anglers Kingdom.
Gary Gazankas ( my father in law) with his largest pike ever.
Hayden Geary ( his grandson) with a beauty of a walleye.
Debra Geary ( his daughter) with a truly massive walleye.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The flood of 2009

I'm standing on top of my dock.
the cooler and plywood at the bottom edge of photo is a temporary dock built on TOP of my dock. The water went up 2 feet in 2 weeks.
This is the highest water level anyone can recall.

May 2009 Fishing

Images of the wild.

Not often but even an eagle makes a mistake.
this one grabbed a sucker being used to bait large pike.
he was very surprised when the sucker was ripped out of his grasp.
Luckily the hooks were avoided. I had the pleasure of caring for some
young bald eagles when I was a teenager and they never really got very friendly.
I wouldn't have wanted to handle that eagle with a hook in it.

This owl hawk seemed to enjoy watching a shorelunch being prepared.

Of course loons are common in this area.
I think there may be a few more loons per square mile on Nungesser Lake
simply because the lake holds more fish per acre than almost any lake
I've seen.

What a life for a kid.

So once again we are sharing our little piece of paradise.
I know that I really enjoyed growing up at our families fly-in fishing lodge.
I'm sure hayden and Seanna are enjoying it as well.
Whats not to like. It's like living in a candy store.

Heres Hayden driving "his" 18 foot lund outfitter with a 50 hp honda

Even when Hayden was just 2 years old he took ownership of the boats and insisted that he
tie them up. Now he goes around checking all of our 20 plus boats and reports back to dad when he sees a prop or lower unit that has been banged up.

Thats a my boy

Okay let me brag about my boy for a minute.
this was back in June. Hayden who is 6 years old, drove the boat he had Belinda and Corie with him. I followed closely. we went about 6 miles down the lake hayden knew where to go and how to avoid the rocks.
He picked his spot, set the anchor, and started fishing.
It wasn't long before he hooked this beauty. This isn't Haydens first pike over 40 inches but his first all by himself.
I jumped in his boat to help lift it into the boat as he couldn't by himself.

I'll try to get the video loaded on here as well.
it's a hoot.

Hayden has been driving boats since he was three.
The was 3 the first time I let him go out to thr rock and back which is about 400 yards Deb nearly had a heart attack.
Relax -- he was wearing his life jacket, and I was watching him with binochs and I had my boat ready at the dock.

First Post

A few sunset photos just to set the mood.

This is the view off my deck.
I inserted the guy with his big pike just to see if you were paying attention.

The small inset photo on the right is my
Office. You can see the dock out the window. I always enjoy watching groups going out or coming back in.
I've had caribou walk by the front window.

I've seen wolves, bears, moose, martin, mink, beaver, pretty much any animal or bird that inhabits this part of Gods country. There are 7 eagle nests within a one mile radius.