Thursday, October 13, 2011

SPOT ON THE WALL OF FAME - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I thought it would be nice to share another great story  I received from some very fine guest's Rick and Mike.
Hi Kevin, how are you doing?

We had a great time and Belinda and Brian were very accommodating and helpful.

On Wednesday I mentioned to Denny that there was a blank spot on the "Wall of fame" just above Mike's picture, I said "I think that spot is for me"!
On Thursday, sunny and dry finally, we went to walleye point in the morning. As we trolled around the corner going south then west against the wind, I hooked a GIANT pike around 10:30 on  a saltwater Rapala (white with dark top). 
It took off for a long while, then I was able to bring it in and as Mike netted the fish, the lure came loose :) happy . It measured 46 inches. We were able to quickly  take a few snaps and return it as soon as possible to the water.

We appreciated that you were at the camp during our stay and able to give us great advice.
(" I showed them the spot and was there when Mike caught his 48 inch Pike and took the attached photo").

So we both caught  our personal bests or the "Fish of a lifetime" (so far :) happy) , we need to improve on that next time.

I am attaching the best picture

and I used the same lure all of Wednesday and Thursday as I caught fish throughout those 2 days.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eagles fighting - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Here is some pretty good  video I took of the Eagles right in front of camp.

WE GOT THE ROOF ON - - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I was looking thru some photos this evening and found these pics of Stu working on the Lodge roof.
I started building the new lodge dining room back in 2007 and was going to finish it the spring of 2008 but decided to wait until fall.
Turned out to be a good idea.
The economy went south in a hurry that June.
I've been waiting to "see how things go"
Ed Jantz and the guys helped throw a tarp on the roof that fall.
But finally decide to at least put the shingles on this summer.
Depending on how things look next spring I may go ahead and finish it off.
I will definitely be a great addition to the camp and will be a large dining room, lounge, with maybe a pool table, shuffle board, big screen TV etc.
A meeting place and focal point.
Anyway here is a pic of Stu on the roof.