Friday, November 9, 2012

Nice Rain Jacket ( Oh and huge walleye) - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I just had to share this beautiful photo.
I’ve been waiting for a reason to get a photo of this rain suit.
It’s a beauty aye?
I was out at lemonade Lake with Ed Jantz and Bruce
It was cold and rained hard all day
2nd day after the cold front so???
But managed to get a bunch of fish including another huge walleye.
This one was in 9 feet of water.
Most of our bigger fish have been coming in about 14 – 18.
Mark caught a monster northern pike his largest by far.
Joe had never caught a walleye before this trip and his first walleye was a nice fat 28 incher.
He has two over 28 inches so far.
Bruce had a walleye definitely over 30 inches but the net handler was asleep at the switch.
Tom had a 27 -28 incher that Ed knocked off with the net.
On Monday it was pretty miserable weather but we caught well over 300 walleye.
Tuesday was cool and sunny and Mark caught his Giant.
We also caught several hundred walleye including Joes 2nd huge walleye.
I’ve managed to catch several big walleye including two truly huge walleye by any standard.
I’ll post the other pictures soon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Winter Arrives Early- Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Winter arrived early
We received over a foot of snow in 24 hours.
The power in Red Lake was out for 24 hours.
Anglers Kingdom was wartm and cozy but the trees took a beating.
Dozens of trees broke or uprooted from the weight of the snow.
dozens more had branches snapped off.
It was actually dangerous to work outside.
I was going to have Hayden help me move some things with the bike but decided it was to dangerous. Moments later a 30 foot top of a tree snapped off and landed a few feet from the ATV.
So we spent the day doing other things.
There is plenty to do when closing camp.
It typically takes about a week.
The boats have to be pulled out lower units removed and taken to town.
The water and sewer system and heat system need to be drained.
All the toilets, sinks, taps etc winterized.
And it seems like a thousand little things need to be done.
Will be leaving tomorrow before the next snow storm hits.
It's all over for this season.
thanks again for a great year.
I will still be posting some fishing pics that I didn't get too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bruce Kiel with the largest pike of his life - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Another great day on Nungesser.
Mark completed his 2x with a giant walleye to go with his giant pike
Bruce caught this beauty by the virgin islands  completing his 2x to go with his 30 plus walleye.
This pike had the huge head of 50 inch class fish but her body was so enormous that the head doesn’t look big.
So far 3 of the group of  5 have caught their largest walleye and largest pike of their lives.
Ed will be a little tougher to hook up with his largest ever because he has fished with me many times and will have
to beat his personal best set with me a few years back.
 I’m hoping  he will get a 52 inch or bigger pike tomorrow.
Tom got  his personal biggest last time he was up so we will have to work on it some more.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ed jantz and the Chicago firemen - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Most of our big fish have been in about 18 feet.
The weather was terrible.
It was the 2nd day after a cold front and you know what that means.
On a side note the red dragon flies have arrived. I'm not certain where they migrate from
but I know they arrive this time of year. The giant green and yellow ones arrive in mid august.
They are local and hatch from the lake.
but anyways.
We braved the elements and caught a bunch of walleye.
On Sunday Joe caught his first walleye - it was 28 inches.
We caught about 300 that day. On Monday we caught about 500 including several 27 -28.5 and
Bruce had a 30 plus right at the boat but the net handler was asleep at the switch. Tom had a giant but Ed deftly knocked it off with one swipe of the net.
On Tuesday the weather was brutal but the fishing was outstanding.
probably 500.

Joe caught his
second giant 2 walleye.
Mark caught the largest Pike of his life. It was a true trophy Pike by any standards.
Weather is clear and cool this morning ( thursday sep 20 )
will let you know how things turn

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joe with another giant walleye - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Joe with the biggest walleye of his life.

Joe with the bigest walleye of his life - again

Mark with the largest pike of his life - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Weather was clear and cold
Classic post cold front.
We managed to catch several hundred walleye including several giants.
Mark caught this awesome pike at Coney island.
Ed had a giant pike just about the same time.
Unfortunately Ed lost his.
Congrats Mark – a true trophy pike by any standards.

Mark Thomas with the largest pike of his life

Rick and Mike with more giant pike - Their 3rd year - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Rick and Mike were up for another visit.
Once again they were successful in their quest for humongous pike.
This beauty came off walleye point.
This is getting to be a habit.
A good one.
Congrats Mike and thanks again for visiting.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guests fishing under a beautiful Rainbow directly in front of camp - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Our new boardwalk and a beautiful cloud bank background - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

We have completed about 450 feet of boardwalk from cabin 8 right over to the dining room. I plan to complete the other half from cabin 1 tot he dining room. It has made a very nice addition to the camp. Guests appreciate the comfort.



Odonell set all time personal best walleye - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Jack Odonell group had a great day catching hundreds of walleye on a 21 foot flat. There were literally thousands of fish covering a huge area over a hundred acres. There were several personal biggest ever walleyes recorded.
Matt had a pike grab his walleye and netted both. I had the same with a pike over 40. We also fished caribou southeast. Bruce and I went thru 5 tubs of minnows. Each tub holds about 4-5 dozen shiners.