Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Ontario Red Lake Fishing Reports

July weather was awesome. In fact the weather has been great this whole summer so far.
We started to get a few forest fires but just the right amount of rain and the fires are under control.

Will try to keep this in order by week but can't be sure of it.
I know a bunch of photos from last year disappeared. I will try to fix that soon but you know how busy I am and my limited hours available.

January 27 to August 3 we had the Chicago fire fighters. Ed Jantz, Bruce, Mark have all been fishing with me for quite a few years and each have their own personal record pike. Mike Brown and his sons Matt and Brendan were previously uneducated in the "way of the Pike".
Well it didn't take long. Brendan had his first Giant Pike on the line on his 3rd cast.
A giant struck his magnum fire tiger rapala while we fished the sweet spot on virgin spot.  Unfortunately he lost it but the experience galvanized his focus and strengthened his resolve. He didn't stop casting for more than a few minutes the remainder of the week.
He was rewarded on day one with  a number of "nice " Pike in the 30- 38 inch range.
On day two he caught two Huge Pike that would be considered a trophy Pike by any standards.
These two giant pike were caught within  30 minutes and 20 yards of each other
Brendan  also caught a bunch of "nice" Pike and a about 40 walleye.

red lake fishing reports
red lake fishing reports

red lake fishing reports

Matt Brown also caught several very Nice Pike with a few hitting right at the boat which is always fun. 
Suicks, bulldawgs, and various crankbaits saw good action at caribou west.

Mark caught a "whole bunch" of nice fat 22-27 inch walleye. "Like catching blue gills" I think he said.
For several hours on Monday and again on Tuesday we couldn't hardly touch bottom catching several hundred nice walleye and several trophies.
Ed and Bruce were toying with a few large specimens but chose not to allow them in the boat.

Jarod Weaver was back at the Kingdom to upgrade his personal Record Pike.
Jarod caught his beauty on a bulldog. 
A genuine trophy pike

The Walleye Wizard was again performing his magical method of catching world class walleye.
Here are a few samples of his handiwork.

Steve Hryszczuk and his sons Luke and Same were up for another visit and had a great time with a lot of fish including some very big Pike.

Marcel and Norma Coysman were up for there first visit..
both caught the largest pike and their own personal record Walleye.
Norma caught a Ginormous 30 inch walleye.
sorry didn't get a photo.
but I did get this photo of her 28 incher.
and several others I will get posted asap

Brody Koehn was up with his family and Jeremy Koehn was our first wheelchair guest. 
The whole group had a great time and great fishing. 

Bruce and Laura Nash made their 8th visit to Anglers Kingdom and 20 something year fishing with me.

Larry and Marie Johnston returned for the  7th year in a row.
Marie stayed 3 weeks and Larry is staying for ___ more weeks.
Marie of course caught a bigger walleye that Larry with very little effort.

Fran and Barry had a great time and were amazed by their guide Hayden.
I'm hoping they will send in some of the great photos. 

Everyone seemed to report the same thing.
They caught More Big Fish this year.
That has to be a good thing.

As for non fishing reports.
We have rebuilt almost all the seats in the fleet.
We added 10 more color /gps sonar units.
we painted several boats and a bunch of other stuff during our mad dash to get open in the spring.

We did transfer the 24 foot passenger boat across the portage.
It took a bit of work but she is now floating comfortably at camp.
I am repowering it with a 130 hp Honda and it will become a great vehicle during inclement weather. 
I also bought two more 90 hp hondas to help move our guests quickly during changeover days. 

We also continued with the ramp at the portage in a ongoing  project to increase our guests comfort and  reduce their travel time from the landing to camp. My aim is to make the trip into camp quick, comfortable, effortless while maintaining all of it's beauty and appeal.

We also added on to the board walk and made cabin seven and the dining room wheelchair accessable.
Plus wee added and extension on two of the 3 docks. 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report of 2013

large pike ontario

Rick Sayer just emailed me this photo of his largest Pike ever. An awesome 46 inch pike taken on a small jig. Great fish.
So It's time to post some photos and stories.
June had better than average fishing.
Guests caught a lot of big walleye.
One group caught two 30 inch a 29 several 28 and a bunch of 25 - 27 over at Eagle nest one evening.
In fact for several evenings
The same group got two really nice Pike one  47 1/2 and another about the same.

The Leonovicz family of three generations was up for their 8th time.
It is always a pleasure to have them visit.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks again for having us for another great week. You definitely have the best group of staff we have seen. We tried to tip the generously for their great service. I'll try to attach some photos. In June of 2013 at Anglers Kingdom, we experienced the best Canadian walleye fishing we have ever seen in 30 years of making trips to Ontario and Manitoba.  Nungesser Lake is truly a spectacular fishery. In one two hour period we caught 25 fish over 24" with the largest being 28" and 3 others over 27". Absolutely incredible!  Just to top it off, we caught a 41" pike on a jig in the same spot during the same time. Thanks again for the great time.

Jean and Bernie Corpes were up for their first visit and caught their largest walleye and pike of their lives.

Fran and Barry were up for their first visit.
Hayden guided them and they caught their largest pike and walleye of their lives.
Both made plans for returning next year.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Haydens Hockey tournament in Blaine Minnesota.

Hyadens team the Borderland Rage won the AAA tournament in Blaine. There were teams from all overe MN, Wi, ND, SD. The Rage is comprised of players from all over northern ontario. From Kenora, Dryden, Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, Atikokan and Internatinal Falls.


Winter 2013 - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Hello folks.
I didn't get a chance to do any posts this winter. I wasn't even able to get my usual Christmas letter out. I was trying out some new medicine recommended by the doctor from the Mayo Clinic. The pills pretty much wiped me out for December, January and February. I finally had to quit taking them in late February. My face and arms were going completly numb. I was able to visit the Mayo clinic in late November however was disappointed they didn't come up with any answers as to what is causing my pain. They suggested migraines but I've ruled out migraines years ago.  I've been taking the morphine and it takes away the pain but it obviously does nothing to the cause.
I'm going to Winnipeg in early May to have a nerve severed. Perhaps it will work. If not then I have the morphine to fall back on. I was able to function quite well with it the last half of last season. So I'm looking forward to being sort of like my old self this summer. It will make life much more enjoyable.
 Winter  has just flown by. I've been keeping up with guests contacting me for bookings however haven't been able to contact all of our guests and friends. I,m sure that many of you will be reading this.
Seanna has been very successful with her figure skating and Debra is still coaching her.  Debras former student Erice Radford is now placing second in the world.
I've been coaching Haydens hockey team. Hayden is doing very well and playing on AAA teams all over Ontario and the U.S.
We have a pretty busy season coming up. We have more guests booked for this summer than the previous 3 years. Some of the people I've talked with feel the economy is a bit more stable. Whatever the reason people are a bit more optomistic and that is always a good thing.
talk soon

Spring 2013 - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Hi Folks
Looks like ice out will be late this year.
We had a bunch of snow Sunday and Monday.
It is cold again today and forecast is for more snow.
So we will see.