Saturday, October 3, 2009

September 12-19

Ed Jantz and the guys from the chicago fire department visited.

Had a pretty good week.
About a dozen big pike biggest was 44 inches.
weather was perfect all week.
maybe even too nice.
Some groups in camp found good numbers of decent pike in the little to the north of camp.

Found some big pike in the little lakes in 5-8 feet of water.
The biggest pike from the main lake were in about 12-18 feet of water
near the staging area for ciscoes and whitefish which will spawn in the shallow
bays. It took a bit to find the areas that held fish. No fish bay had a produced a few but wasn't really ready. Walleye point and the islands in front of Ferret Bay held a lot of big pike and walleye. These areas continued to hold good numbers of fish right into October.
It seemed like everyday we could count at least one pike grabbing our walleye.
One day Dennis and I had 6 big pike grab walleye.

Simple orange jig 1/4 oz with a shiner produced several dozen big walleye.
spinner rigs also worked well.

Below is a video clip with 2 of
Eds Giant Pike

Dennis joined us for an afternoon and said he was parked right on top of a whole school of em.

he landed this beauty

Video clip of Ed sr. with his 44 " Pike


Clay , Paul and Jeff Coleman and I had a great day.
We caught over 500 walleye and Jeff was casting for pike all day. Jeff caught his largest pike ever a beautiful 41 inch pike.
nice and thick and healthy. Paul and Clay tag teamed a nice 39 inch pike on a spinner rig.
Clay was like a poet. He came out with so many good quotes I wish I had written them all down. The best was when Clay said "I'm getting worried. I've said so many times over the past 30 years that if I ever had a day like today then I'd be ready to go. Maybe I already went."
some others that come to mind.
I've had times when we caught fish fast and furious for maybe an hour but today it's been non stop for 7 hours and never such nice size and never in 5-8 feet of water and it's september. This is by far the best day - week of fishing I've ever had or ever heard of anyone having.
Nobody is going to believe we caught over 500 fish in one day. We caught more fish today than we've caught in the past 10 years at the place we used to go.