Friday, December 18, 2009

Giant Pike Paul Kuhns record monster pike and walleye fishing canadian lakes report

People often ask how the fishing is in August. Most of the biggest Pike and Walleye of the year are caught in July and August. The weather is stable, the fish are in set locations. They are more active and fight harder. They are well fed, fat and happy. I have several articles on midsummer pike fishing on our website The articles get into serious detail on methods, location, strategy, fishing tackle, equipment etc.
Pauls pike hit a bulldog he was casting into about 7 feet of water and slowly retrieving out into about 12 feet of water. We had only been fishing for about 5 minutes and were only a five minute boat ride from camp. It doesn't always happen or happen that quickly but if you keep fishing in th right spot you will eventually be there at the right time. A few days ealier I was guiding another group in that same exact spot. I always put out small dark colored markers. I had a very large pike grab a small walleye and although I had 30lb power pro I had been experimenting with a 4 foot flourocarbon leader to increase the number of walleye. (it did increase walleye bites) However the pike bit me off after about 5 minutes. Although I hadn't seen the pike, I shared with my other guests that a large ( 45" plus) pike was in the area. We came straight to the exact spot that morning and it worked beautifully. Whether it was the same fish isn't positive but that scenario has worked for me many times over the years.

Although I don't get excites much when I catch a humongous pike for myself. I've always appreciated any of my guest catching a trophy pike of this immense size in particular young people. (check out 12 yr old Keith Bateman's 49 inch behemoth). However Paul has put in his time and fishing all over Canada for over 20 years in search of a truly giant pike. (Unfortunately he hadn't come to Anglers Kingdom sooner). This was his first morning fishing with us.
It was nice to see that Paul truly appreciated what a marvelous fish he caught. Congratulations Paul on the fish of a lifetime and a great accomplishment.

First rule of fishing - GO WHERE THE FISH ARE
Nungesser lake holds an unusual number of high end (over 46 inch) pike.
It is also one of the best walleye lakes in Canada and I've fished over 400 lakes across Canada.
The 2nd rule is "fish for big fish" this seems like a simple statement but there is a huge number of things that will increase your odds of success. I try to share as much info as I can with my guests, while it is no guarantee, it has definitely increased their success rate.

Video Clip of Paul Kuhn`s largest pike ever.

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