Thursday, January 21, 2010



Larry Seibenthal and his son were up for their first visit in May of 09
They worked the shallow weeds next to the feeder creeks.
for lures they used mostly black and silver bucher shallow raiders.
just pitching and twitching.
they had luck with other lures as well
but probably caught more than 20 over 40 inches with the raiders.
their biggest was about 45 inches
I guided them one day and showed them some spots
I showed them others on the map.
then they didn`t need my help
they have both done a lot of musky fishing and really enjoyed the piek action.
more later

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wolves take down Caribou, - January 11, 2010 ice fishing trip FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.ANGLERSKINGDOM.COM

Went out to camp mostly to see if all was well.
Had Mike, Belinda and Hayden with me.
Lots of ice over 30 inches.
Got to camp just before dark, got the generator running etc and spent the night watching movies.
had a nice breakfast and headed out.
went just around the corner from camp and immediatly saw two black wolves had a caribou down. (as it turned out it had literally just happended) Got a few nice pics of the wolves.
This is a Woodland Caribou and a very big one for a Woodland.
When you see hunting shows you see either the Barren Ground , Alaska/Yukon or the Quebec/Labrador.
There are not many places where you see the Woodland and Nungesser has more than anywhere I've ever traveled. Anyway it was a unique experience, not many 7 year olds have witnessed anything like that. Not everyone appreciates these types of pictures but this is Nature in its truist form. We all have sympathy for the Caribou but can also appreciate that the wolves want to survive as well.

We followed the tracks down the lake. One wolf followed in the caribous tracks and the other stayed to the side herding the Caribou. They pushed that Caribou for at least 6 miles down the lake that we know of. They went right by the front of camp
Had we been looking we would have seen them go by.


Did a little fishing, caught some pike and walleye. Mosti interesting
was some nice whitefish, spawned out of course as they spawn in the fall.
Lots of ice - over 30 inches and very little snow- less than 6 inches.
The weather was awesome and going to be even better the next few days.
will be ABOVE freezing, which is unheard of for us this time of year.

This morning I walked about 75 yards from the cabin to the back side of the island and Hayden used the binochulars. The two black wolves had been joined by 2 grey wolves and a 5th one kind of mottled. It was obvious the other 3 were not invited or welcome. lots of fighting etc. I used a stick and balanced against a tree and was able to get some pretty good video without too much camera shake. I'll load that asap.

Here is what was left after less than 24 hours.

Saturday, January 9, 2010



BELLES BEST DAY EVER - excerpts from Belles Diary
It’s all good days at camp.
But I want to share the best day of fishing in my life.
I’ve worked at fishing camps all over Canada.
Working at Anglers Kingdom everyday I hear the guests talking about the big walleye and big pike they catch. It sounded like so much fun. I didn’t realize how many fish they catch in a day. I thought that they just caught a few fish.
Denny took me out one day, we didn’t go very far , maybe 5 minutes, we could still see the camp and we could talk to camp with the radio. Kevin always calls on the radio and asks me when supper is or how things are at camp and I always thought he was a long way from camp. Sometimes he says he is at the far end of the lake and I can still hear him perfect on the radio.
Anyways we didn’t go far and it didn’t take long to start catching fish.
And we kept catching them and catching them and catching them - all day.

It wasn’t even hard. Denny gave me an orange jig and we tipped them with shiners.
We just dropped them to the bottom and when we lifted up the fish were on the line.
Then I set the hook and reeled them in. The big ones fought really hard.
I think the biggest one I caught was about 29 inches. We took some pictures but were too busy to take many. We went out right after lunch and came home at 6.30
Kevin will be mad when he finds that out. (editors note - I already knew).
Dennis didn’t even have time to smoke
I’ve never seen so many fish in my life.
And I grew up fishing. But this was my best fishing ever that day with him, the sun was very warm and water was just enough wind to cool it off, fishing was great and snacks and talking to dennis, made it right yes it my best fishing day ever.

I Iove this camp and my boss kevin is a very good boss and he didn’t pay me to say this but he did let me go fishing. Anglers Kingdom is the best camp I’ve been.
Last weekend we went back to camp to do some ice fishing. We saw caribou and wolves it was just so beautiful there. We got up next morning had breakfast and drove on skidoo. I caught the first walleye and small pike, my fingers was so cold but still I kept on fishing. I keep bugging the guys about it.

Now that I’m talking about fishing I can’t seem to stop.

Kevin took me out a few years ago and I had the biggest walleye I’ve ever seen.
Even Kevin said it was really big, probably over 12 pounds. But it got away right by the boat.
I must have told every guest that has been to camp about that big walleye. I was bragging about it all summer then again I had a good teacher my dad and my boss. I learned a lot from him, he showed me how to fish walleye the right way. Started out using a slip bobber now jigs. Dennis showed me the right way to put a minnow on. (took him two hours)

So after that I’ve been bugging Kevin to take me fishing more.
We went out quite a few times in September and caught lots of big walleye
I’ll put some stories about that on here as well when I have more time.
This is my 3rd year at anglers kingdom and looking forward to another one, good fishing nice people coming and going, heard lots stories about big walleye, big pike. It’s like my second home. So those of you who have not been here come and join in on the good fishing, nice white beach and of course I will be there to welcome you with a smile and hot coffee, and I can sit with you and talk about my good fishing.
(another editors note - “until I say get back to work“)

Here are some of the fish I caught this year.

“Belinda is the camp sweetheart always ready with a big smile and helpful gesture.
And she makes good coffee” - Kevin