Sunday, August 1, 2010

Massive walleye over 30 inches - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Oh, no, no, no
Great day gentle winds from the West
fishing was a bit slow in the morning
fish were biting very light.
by noon they were up and at em.
Most were in 18-20 feet.

Then Dennis Kellner "the Walleye Wizard" pulled out a Massive Walleye over 30 inches.
Dennis caught a Goliath 32 incher in North Bay two years ago but this fish was thicker and heavier.
A truly marvelous trophy Walleye.
Not many people have caught two walleye of this size.

Hayden and I fished the hump in north bay and had quite a few doubles.
that slowed down and we went over by the island in north bay.
I got some good pics and video footage of a Pike eating a walleye.

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