Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thats a my boy

Okay let me brag about my boy for a minute.
this was back in June. Hayden who is 6 years old, drove the boat he had Belinda and Corie with him. I followed closely. we went about 6 miles down the lake hayden knew where to go and how to avoid the rocks.
He picked his spot, set the anchor, and started fishing.
It wasn't long before he hooked this beauty. This isn't Haydens first pike over 40 inches but his first all by himself.
I jumped in his boat to help lift it into the boat as he couldn't by himself.

I'll try to get the video loaded on here as well.
it's a hoot.

Hayden has been driving boats since he was three.
The was 3 the first time I let him go out to thr rock and back which is about 400 yards Deb nearly had a heart attack.
Relax -- he was wearing his life jacket, and I was watching him with binochs and I had my boat ready at the dock.

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