Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memories from the Journal of the Walleye Wizard

September 30, 2009

Motored out the last saturday in sept.
Fairly warm for that time of the year.
Dark skies extremley cloudy all day.water temp 65 degrees.
Stopped at my favorite hole and caught some very nice very fat walleyes.
worked about 8-14 feet of water on a staging ground for whitefish close to where they would be spawning soon.

The action abated after a couple of hours so I continued on about halfway down the lake to another spot that had been hot.
The water was flat very little drift.
I was working a flat about 8-12 feet that dropped off into 25 feetThe spot seemed dead.
Wasn't marking fish and wasn't catching any.
In a little while I found out why.
A big northern hit my one quarter oz jig and shiner.
It was all I wanted to handle on that light walleye rod.
Through sheer luck it was hooked in the jaw where the line was not in it's mouth.
I had on a 12 pound florocarbon  leader which would not have lasted a second if it got near her teeth.
After and exciting and lengthy fight a friend managed to land her.
What nice way to end the season on my last day.

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