Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ed jantz and the Chicago firemen - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Most of our big fish have been in about 18 feet.
The weather was terrible.
It was the 2nd day after a cold front and you know what that means.
On a side note the red dragon flies have arrived. I'm not certain where they migrate from
but I know they arrive this time of year. The giant green and yellow ones arrive in mid august.
They are local and hatch from the lake.
but anyways.
We braved the elements and caught a bunch of walleye.
On Sunday Joe caught his first walleye - it was 28 inches.
We caught about 300 that day. On Monday we caught about 500 including several 27 -28.5 and
Bruce had a 30 plus right at the boat but the net handler was asleep at the switch. Tom had a giant but Ed deftly knocked it off with one swipe of the net.
On Tuesday the weather was brutal but the fishing was outstanding.
probably 500.

Joe caught his
second giant 2 walleye.
Mark caught the largest Pike of his life. It was a true trophy Pike by any standards.
Weather is clear and cool this morning ( thursday sep 20 )
will let you know how things turn

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