Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August report - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I have not had time to do any reports but here goes.
Water levels are back to normal.
There were a few forest fires but a decent amount of rain has the fire danger low.
Fishing and weather have been outstanding all season.
I would say the numbers are a little higher than average.

Biggest Pike to date this season has been 46 inches biggest walleye 29.5
We have averaged one over 50 and one over 30 each season.
But hte season is still young.
.My only heling hand since mid June is a young man from Dryden named Tyler  Schott
Tyler has turned out to be an outstanding employee and is excellent in accomodating guests needs.
Belinda is back and her cooking keeps getting better and better.
The latest comment from an 82 year old guest was that her pie was "The best I ever tasted"
My improved health has allowed me to spend more time with guests and more time guiding.
I have found even more great fishing spots.
Like most people -the more I fish this lake the better I like it.
We have more people visiting the Kingdom in August and September  than in May and June which is the opposite of past years.
I will post more reports and photos soon

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