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Hi everyone Happy New Year.

All is well in the great white north. 
I will post this on our blog as well.
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I,ve decided to do a mass mailing because I usually get too busy talking to everyone and end up missing some of you.
So here goes.
Seanna is living in Kenora since September to further her figure skating. Big move for a 15 yr old girl. New and bigger school, new friends etc etc. Hayden is doing well in hockey. He will likely be going somewhere to play higher level hockey next year.
Deb is still way too busy with running the school, helping me, the kids and coaching figure skating. 
I,m still getting by day by day. Have the pain manageable and have learned to accept the fatigue etc. 

2015 was a good summer. We had Belinda, Joyce and Rene. Everything went nice and smooth, I received a lot of good positive feedback. Rene was great to have back. He is excellent with people of all ages and exceptionally handy with all the stuff we need to keep maintained around here. All our guest enjoy visiting with Belinda. Joyce did a great job with the kitchen.

We did a bunch of improvements. Many to streamline operations so we can continue providing good service in todays economy.
One major project was purchasing a solar system to reduce running the generator. Fuel for the generator has been nearing $15,000 per summer.
Investing $75,000 for items such as a new water tower, water filter, boat house, work area divider wall, fish fry shelter, widened portage boardwalk, docks, decks new floors and carpets in boats etc are not exciting upgrades but are necessary for us to provide you great service A 200 hp Honda for our big white 22 foot Lund Tyee is kinda exciting. It will allow us to transport 8 guests and gear quickly, safely and comfortably in the rain and when the weather gets more interesting. Combined with the two 90,s and 130 and the back ups, we can move everything more efficiently.
The bottom line is that thru the last 8 years of economic hardship we have continued to improve and position ourselves for success in the future.
I truly hope that you decide to visit us this summer. It is very rewarding to see each of you every summer. Due to my health It might not be evident but I really do appreciate every one of our guests. It has been 45 years since I first started guiding. Even after all these years I still get excited watching people catch a big fish, see a Caribou or just enjoy being here.

And please tell all of your friends about us. While it is rewarding seeing all of you each summer it is also necessary to make a living. So please tell your friends even the ones you don't like.😀

If you wish to send the entire amount for your trip by mid January then I will give you a 5% discount. Every little bit helps and if you can save even $50 or $60 dollars I am glad to help. And don't forget the second or third week you stay is always half price! That's cheaper than staying home. The world's best summer retirement home. Go north To get out of the heat.
Pass this along to your wife, she may wish to join you or appreciate you being gone for a week or two.

You also get the same rate I have offered since 2007. I don't know of any camp who has not raised their rates in 10 years. I know the economy has been tough so I'm doing my best to work with less. Many camps switched their rates to Canadian funds. I have kept them in U.S. Funds so you know exactly what your visit will cost. You won,t get a 2,3,400 dollar surprise when you arrive. I haven,t done sportshows or any advertising. Basically relying on the website and word of mouth. So please if your going fishing this summer "come on up".

Belinda and Rene both emailed today, (New Years day) to remind me to pass along their Seasons greetings to our guests and let you all know they are coming back this summer and looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you to our "regulars" who have already booked for 2016. If you haven,t been able to visit for a while "come on up".
I,ve been in negotiations with the fishes union and they have consented to bite even better than usual for the next five years. Just kidding but the fishing is actually getting better the more we learn about the lake.
We had more 49-50 inch pike this year than ever. Many guests have been commenting on catching more big walleye the past few years. And catching them in more places in all areas of the lake. I think we as in all of our guests have collected more knowledge of the unique characteristics of Nungesser lake. As I,ve been saying "the more you fish this lake the better you like it".

Once again, "Thank you for visiting and come on up"

Happy New Years from
Kevin, Deb, Hayden, Seanna, Bear
Rene, Joyce, Belinda

Red Lake Ontario fishing report, trophy pike and walleye, nungesser lake

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