Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fishing Report June 4-11 & 11-17, 2016 Nungesser lake, ontario, canada

All groups reported excellent fishing.
Last week Gary Stepzaks group wre here for their first visit.
They said it was the best fishing they have had in over thirty years fishing Canada.
Gary said everything I told him to do and every place I showed them to fish were bang on.
They caught 3 pike over 40 inches on a fly rod. Including a forty incher that weighed over 20 lbs.
They caught hundreds with the fly rod and well over acthousand fish

june 11-17
Jack Beavers group was back for their 10 th trip in a row.
They caught more fish than ever.
They had four new personal best walleye 28-30".
Joe Sargeant group caught thousands of fish including a beautiful 30 inch walleye from Little Lake to The North. They reported catching thousands of walleye up there. We have always caught lots of fish and some nice size fish but that is the first 30 incher from The Little Lake to The North.

There were lots of other nice fish caught.
Tony Novolany group had six " new biggest fish ever " when they wer up June 4-11. 29.5, 28.5,4x28 That was there 9th year visiting.

I,m hoping guests will send photos to share.

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