Sunday, March 25, 2018


I found this ice fishing photo of Hayden catching a Gigantic 46 inch pike thru the ice.
That was a great day. I remember we saw about a dozen Caribou on the lake.

This screen shot of Haydens Friend Kai with the largest Walleye he has ever caught. it was a beauty caught right off the dock at camp.

I was just messing around with a program that I downloaded.
the program makes it easy to cut the people out so can paste peoples image over a background photo.
I will have to spend some time and make some more like this.
I did the same for the main photo on the top of this blog. However I don't have the full version of photoshop on my Mac and don't want to spend $2,000 for the Mac version. I don't have the time and energy to piece together all the programs or Apps to get all this done. It is fun and I enjoy sharing the results with all of you.

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