Sunday, July 29, 2018


“More big fish than in past years” is the most common report I have been getting from guests. That goes along with what I have been saying each year. “The more you fish this lake the better you like it”.

Brian Wolosek had a rough morning because he got a hook in his finger but he had a great afternoon because he caught a 30 inch walleye. Not a 28 or 29 but a 30 inch walleye. That is the 3rd  30 inch walleye we have caught in 2018. Which is amazing. Most lakes don’t produce any 30 inch walleye, ever. We have been averaging about a dozen per year. Actually in 2012 I caught a dozen 30 inch walleye myself!!! And a dozen more by my guests. Nungesser Lake is an awesome walleye lake. But like any lake you need to learn how to fish it and that goes back to my motto about the more you fish it. I do my best to share as much information with my guests as possible and in most cases I can help guests catch fish pretty quick. After that it is a matter of acquiring knowledge and refining your craft. It is nice to know that your chance of catching a 30 inch walleye is better here than any lake I’ve ever  fished or heard of. 27s, 28s sure lots of them 30s that is a lot more rare.

Anyway hopefully Brian’s and Gary will send me photos of their 30s.  Meanwhile here is some random photos.

Our friend he loon was around again accepting a few freshly caught walleye.

The Wolosek boys were back for the 8th traight year. Here a few photos from last year that i didn’t post.

Here is Hayden going thru the checklist with guests and explaining=ng about the rocks and how to navigate. This boat is a 20 foot Lund Alaskan with a 90 hp tiller Honda.

Here is.a new title photo I was thinking of using on our main web site. Any comments?

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