Saturday, September 15, 2018

Belinda tops her biggest walleye ever. Ginormous 30 inch beauty

Belinda has broken her record.
She was sitting at 29.5 inches until September 14, 2018 when she pulled in this humongous walleye.
I had caught a dozen 20 plus and two 27” along with a 29.5” gorgeous big fat girl like a football.
The past few weeks we had been catching plenty of big walleye near this location less than a minute from our dock. That day the walleye in 18-20 foot so I followed this trough out towards 35 feet. The first decent walleye I caught was ice cold!!?? So I continued working deeper and found a sweet spot. All the walleye were over 20” and they were all fat like footballs. Perfect in every way,
I didn’t have my camera so will post photos when Ryan and Curtis send up photos.
The next day in another spot Ryan  caught a 44 inch pike.  Rick and Mike caught a 43.5” as well.
I will post those photos as soon as I receive them.

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