Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fish are back on the bite after major cold front.

Fishing was great June 1 - 8. Ken Graber and his group had outstanding fishing. “Better than ever” was his comment.

Seemed like everyone in camp told me they caught the “biggest fish of their lives”. We had a serious cold front come thru June 8th temperature went from the 80s down to 50s and wind stayed out of the north for the whole week.  As a result the fish went deeper and were very slow on the bite. Had to leave your jig actually motionless on the bottom to get any nibbles. The guests still caught plenty of fish and “their largest walleye ever.”

 Even Jack Beavers group has been saying this week that they are catching more big walleye than ever. They have all caught huge walleye here over their past 12 years visiting so it’s not so easy for them to catch “their largest fish ever”. But both of the new members of the group caught “their largest fish ever”

Mike Proska caught another 32 inch walleye and a “bunch of 28-30”  but 32 inch only ties his 32 in her from his first trip 7 years ago.  Everyone in his group are having excellent fishing.

Still lots of stuff to haul in. But the excavator helps with lots of work.

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