Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Zopfi boys

Ron , Cliff and Zopfi visited Anglers Kingdom for the first time. I took them down to the mouth of the river. It isan't necessary to go to the far end of the lake to catch fish but the weather wasn't bad and they wanted to see the lake. And besides it only takes about 25 minutes in theses big boats of ours.
It was absolutely amazing to watch Ron using his little zebco 303 which I'm sure he's had since he was 12 back in the 50s. after a few hours of it I actually set my rod down just to watch. He literally could not get his jig to touch bottom. I don't think I am exagerating when I say he caught 200 walleye himself by 2 pm. The rest of the guys did very well also but Ron was unbelievable. by about 4pm it started to slow down or maybe the guys just tired out.

Dennis Kelner returned for his 4th year. Dennis comes up for 12 weeks each year. This was his first day on the water and he caught a tru trophy walleye within 30 minutes. A few minutes later Dennis caught a giant pike. Not bad for his first day out.

Lambert Meidinger
Lambert found some huge schools of walleye just north and east of the river mouth. I recall caught several decent pike in the 38 inch range. He also told me about finding a school just opposite east narrows in about 12 feet where he said he caught dozens of 22-26 inch walleye.

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