Friday, April 9, 2010


ICE OUT 2010

We hauled a thousand gallons of gas to camp on Wednesday April 7. We used atvs with a trailer to get thru the trail and a sleigh and trailer across the ice. Total weight of each load about 2500 lbs. We drilled some test holes and the ice was still over a foot thick, more in some places. It was below freezing all day so minimal danger. I wouldn’t recommend doing this sort of thing. However I’ve had many years of experience and felt it was safe.

We saw a few Caribou and a couple of wolves.
It’s a beautiful time of year

It was so quiet at camp, no win
d I heard a sound turns out it was a gas drum sucking air from a loose cap about 40 yards away.
I’m going up the road to get the boats and motors serviced and ready in the river and above the portage.
I’m guessing we will be going to camp by boat by April 25.
I will keep you updated as things progress.

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