Friday, April 16, 2010

report from a few of our cherished guests

This report is a few years old however it got me to thinking about the effects of a late ice out versus this years early ice out and I thought people would enjoy it.

Parna Family Trip to Angler’s Kingdom: May 16-May 24, 2008

Originally we were scheduled for a 10 day stay at Angler’s Kingdom, from Wed. May 14, 2008 to Saturday May 24, 2008, however since mother nature was not co-operating the ice was still on the lake and we could not get into camp until Friday afternoon May 16.

We got stuck in the ice several times, but have to thank Robbie and Willy for getting us to camp safely. (see shots of the ice). The weather was very cold and Saturday had everything from rain to hail to ice pellets with a strong north wind. The lake was still frozen and we could only get out fishing around the first corner from camp. By evening the wind had shifted and that part of the lake was again blocked off with ice.

Sunday Mike and Arnie were able to get out to the bay around 3 Sisters, where Mike caught the first pike of the trip, a 28 incher. The first few days, because of the ice, one had to really work for the fish. They still managed to get over 20 pike, with a couple of 30-32 inchers.

Once the lake opened up from the ice, the fishing also started picking up. We took Monica out Wednesday morning, and with her arthritic sidearm cast of maybe 15 feet, she managed to catch 4 pike on her first 5 casts. From then on the fishing just kept improving as the water temperature rose.

Thursday was a very successfull day with Mike catching back to back casts of 36” and 38”. Arnie had the big fish of the day at 41”. During the day Mike netted a 40” and Arnie another beauty at 39”. They had several more in the 30’s that day. In the evening Monica and Mike went out for an hour after dinner and caught 7 walleye and 2 pike.

Friday was exciting for Mike and Arnie as they had a double header on their first cast. Mike’s was 36” and Arnie’s 38”. With the adrenaline pumping, the action really heated up and the fish kept biting. They ended up with a couple more reaching 40” and many in the 20’s and 30’s.

In total for the week we got over 60 pike, as well as about 15 walleye, which wasn’t bad considering the horrible ice and weather conditions at the start of the week.

A great time was had by all, including Montana,(golden retriever) who even went for a couple of swims right after ice-out in very frigid water!

All the staff at the camp made us feel very welcome and were extremely helpful with any little concerns we had.

Thanks everyone for a great week!

See you again,

Monica, Arnie, Mike and Montana

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