Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anglers Kingdom Ontario Fishing report August 2015 -

D.B.Severson sent in some nice pics of a few Big Pike they caught in August 2015
The big Pike spend very little time in the weeds - NORMALLY however the first two weeks of August 2015 the big pike were in the weeds and our guests caught quite a few huge pike in 4-6 feet of water. Two were over 50 inches and several 48 inches. Those are huge pike in any lake and very few lakes produce 50 inch pike. The pike in Nungesser are very thick and healthy and therefore much heavier that in other lakes. And they fight extremely well. I've fished over 300 lakes across Canada and caught literally thousands of big pike. I can tell you from experience that the average pike in Nungesser fights harder and jumps out of the water more. They fight more like a musky and they are shaped more like a musky. Then again the big walleye in Nungesser are also heavier and thicker than other lakes. It must be the huge amount of ciscoes and whitefish that make up their diet. The same thing that makes them bigger and stronger also makes them harder to catch.  Their food - ciscoes and whitefish spend very little time in shallow weedy areas where anglers have learned to search for them. One more thing that makes Nungesser such a great lake to fish.

Red Lake Ontario Canada fishing report biggest ever trophy huge giant

Red Lake Ontario Canada fishing report biggest ever trophy huge giant

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