Sunday, October 25, 2015

More behind the scenes work - the new boat house.

 Heres Rene putting a temporary roof on the Water Tower.
Rene had to go - will have to finish up next spring.

Dave and I continued putting the roof on the boat house addition.
This might not seem like work being done for our guests but it is.
The boats need to be protected to stay in better shape for our guests.
The boats spend 9 months of the year waiting to be used, no point in having the out in the weather for those nine months.  It is a lot of work building at a remote location and I'd like to spend that effort building the new lodge but the boats are important. This is less work than building temporary shelters each fall.

We built it in such a way that we can remove the posts to park boats then reinstall them for the winter snow load.

Also a smaller garage for the lund pro V

Next yearI would like to build a garage for the 22 foot lund type and the 24  foot with he 225.
by the way we added another important piece of equipment.
I bought a 200 Honda to put on the 22 foot lund Tyee.
This will be a great addition for those days when it is raining and windy.
The Tyee has a full cover and is big enough to be comfortable in big waves.

So now we will have more than enough boats for transporting guests without having to use the guest fishing boats. This allows us time to clean and maintain them on change over days.
we now have three 18 ' with 50 , 75 & 90 hps two 20 ' with 90 & 130hps and the 22 ' with 200 hp

In the river we have three 18' with 50 and 90 hp and one 20' with 115.

So even though the economy is difficult we continue to make positive improvements to serve our guests better.

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