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August 23-28 post TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR fishing report from Anglers Kingdom Nungesser lake north of Red Lake Ontario

AUGUST 23-28
Saturday and Sunday
After we received nearly 3 inches of rain we spent much of the day bailing out boats.
We have auto bilges on boats but some of them couldn't keep up or the batteries ran down.
So we had a few sink but no too much considering.
Water levels rose about a foot.

it turned very cold in the low 50s even 40s with strong winds so nobody fished.
what a difference from the 95 degrees we had less than a week ago.

guest were back out on the lake.
I even went out with Hayden and Belinda.
weather was nice.
huge trophy pike Red Lake Ontario canada fishing report Nungesser Anglers Kingdom resort lodge

fishing was excellent.
Hayden caught a 48 inch pike less than a minute from camp.
caught on a 1/4 oz orange jig and shiner.
we fed half a dozen walleye to the eagles
we had good fishing reports from every group catching 50 - 100 each per day.

I stopped in to visit DB Severensen,s group on Tuesday evening and shared some info on fishing Nungesser.
Maybe it helped because they  caught a 44 and 45 inch pike.
They were very happy.
They were going to email me the pics , should be good.
not certain where they caught them or what they caught them on but I'm hoping for a full fishing report from them soon.

we had mixed fishing reports with some doing very well and others finding the fish biting light and spread out.
Larry and Bob said they found a spot in Lunker bay with more fish on it than they have ever seen on a depth finder, sonar unit. Larry caught a 26 to go with his 28 he caught earlier.

all fishing reports were slow and again the fish spread out but still a few big walleye caught.
Jim Nelson was fired from his boat driving assignment so he had to catch fish and caught a 26 inch walleye.
huge trophy pike Red Lake Ontario canada fishing report Nungesser Anglers Kingdom resort lodgeGary Hiller caught a 26 inch walleye and Larry Johnston caught a 26 inch walleye.

I'll try to get all the photos and a full Ontario fishing report for August 23 -30 2015 soon
It seems all the turmoil of the storm and massive amounts of rain have severely changed the patterns.
Some groups have been finding most success in 24 feet others in 12 feet.
It seems like the fish are scattered.
I'm anxious to try the river mouths.
all the extra water flow should attract walleye and the pike who feed on them.

I'm sure everything will return to normal soon.

I'll keep you informed on the next Ontario fishing report.

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