Monday, August 31, 2015

August 8-15 51 inch trophy pike largest ever 2015 Red lake Ontario Canada fishing report Anglers Kingdom Nungesser lake

The same week that Hayden guided Dave Hanson to a 47 and 50 inch pike less than a minute drive from camp. Ron Jonash also has spent over 30 years fishing other areas of Canada, mainly Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario. He said in his email that if he could catch something over 43 inches he would be more than happy. It took him several days but he was happy to catch this beauty. 48 inches without pinching the tail would put it at about 51 inches with the tail pinched. We release all of the pike we catch so she is one of thousands that we have released and continue to populate the lake. Many lake will simply not produce pike over 50 Inches. The fish in those lakes  do not have the genetics to grow large. The fish in Nungesser definitely have the genetics to reach massive proportions so if we continue to release those huge pike the genetics will be passed along and produce more monster (ginormous, humungous gihugio) pike. It is not so much that the fish you release will be caught again because huge pike are seldom caught a second time. It is more important to release those fish to spawn again for years to come.

Ron,s email

"We indeed did hook up with a nice Northern on the last day 48” ( 51") if pinching 
the tail) and successfully released  her so that she can continue to reproduce 
and matbe some else can catch her. We caught her at the head of the small 

unnamed inlet up from the inlet to the small lake and up lake from 
“The Wall” where the wind had pushed everything up to the end of the inlet where 
there is a very narrow passage to the next inlet east."

Ontario Record huge trophy monster  pike largest ever Anglers Kingdom Nungesser lake Red Lake Ontario Canada
Ron Jonash with his biggest pike ever caught, a massive true trophy by any standards
Nice Fish Ron

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