Thursday, September 3, 2015

exciting videos Anglers Kingdom Guests catching huge trophy pike and Walleye ontario canada fishing report Nungesser lake

Ed and Eddy Jantz could have filled the boat with big Pike

Excerpts from Kevin Gearys video "How to Catch Giant Pike 2"

Fun and instructional
details on a separate page. 

wolves take down a Caribou in January Just on the north side of our island.

exciting entertaining and you will learn many of the secrets developed in a lifetime of catching thousands of Pike over 40 inches. 

Spring summer and fall patterns you will learn to recognize and take advantage of the situations when they arise.

Ed Jantz and Ed with a truly massive pike

Kevin Geary passed along more spring pike fishing knowledge

some fun fishing photos put to music.

Guest of anglers kingdom with a 50 inch Monster pike of Epic Proportions.
Even this giants fins are unusually thick.

Six year old Hayden catches a 40 inch pike and lands and holds him for a picture.

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