Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More behind the scenes - putting boats away for winter.

We bought several new boats so we can move our guests quicker and safer so now we need to add on to our boat house.
Of course the discovery channel's alaskan bush people has nothing on us.
See how we do it "bush man style" with a bit down town Chicago high rise technique.
Just a little insight into how we "git er done" in the great north woods.

Of course every fall we have to put all the boats away and to keep them in nice shape they need to be covered. In the first few years of operation we built temporary shelters over each individual boat.
It didn't take long to realize that was a lot of wasted work each year.  So we built a permanent boat shelter/ house. Each year we learn a little something that saves some time. this fall it was moving the block from boat to boat and using our ten ton winch without having to move it - saved probably 20 minutes per boat and a lot of manual labor. In the above video Rene is using it to assemble the upright trusses

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