Friday, September 4, 2015

Hi resolution high quality eagle video

Here is about half of the Eagle video but at full resolution.
You can play this on a large screen and it should look sharp 
I,m learning that I can upload about 3.5 minutes of high quality video

I,m going to post a bunch of fish catching  videos.
Also a bunch of videos showing how you as a guest would reach the camp by car and then by boat so first time guests will have a better understanding of everything the trip encompasses.
I,ll include videos of my my staff going over the boats and motors with groups. 
Our "daily checklist " which insures trouble free days.
Myself sharing fishing info and going over the map with guests
Some of that you would need a password to access.
You would get that password after booking your fishing trip to Anglers Kingdom.
Keep checking back for these and more

Plus behind the scenes video of my staff hauling in gas, moving boats across portage, maintaining the equipment. Repairing docks,equipment etc. Making the improvements you as a gues like to see.
Basically all the things that we do to make your fishing vacation a great memory

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