Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hi folks
First post of the season.
Should have done sooner but we,ve been busy
Again making improvements for our guests.
We are putting a huge addition on cabin two.
When finished it will have six bedrooms and five bathrooms.
With a giant living area.
Four bedrooms will be 14x18 with there own bathroom.
Of course it will have a 12x40 deck across the front.

We are also going to renovate cabin seven making the bedrooms twice their size and adding two bathrooms. More patio doors and gable end windows plus more windows on each side to really brighten up the living dining area.

But I know you are most interested in the fishing

The ice went out May 2
Water is about normal for this time of year.
I haven,t even been fishing yet.
I took four cast off the dock a few days ago and caught three walleye and on the fourth got bit off .
Rene had a monster he figures was over 50 inch come up beside his crankbait right beside the dock.
We have seen a big fish chasing prey just off the beach several times the past week.
Fish are in all the usual places.
Guests have been catching lots of fish off the dock the past three weeks.
Some 25-26 inh walleye some 42-44 inch pike.
Last night one guest caught a walleye and a 36 inch pike grabbed it.
While his buddy was helping him net it he left his jig dangling.
A 42 in pike grabbed it .
I think they took some pics and will get them and post them for you.
TOny Novolany and his group arrived for their tenth year and Tony caught a 29.5 inch walleye.
I,m sure there was lots of other nice fish caught.
Everyone is reporting lots of fish and some big ones
Brandon Shelton and his daughter are here for their first visit and they caught several 25-27 inch wakleye already. GAry Stefzak and group report tons of walleye and several 40 plus pike caught on Fly Rod. So they are having fun.
I,ll try to get some fish pics on here soon.
I know everyone likes them.

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  1. Hi Too all.My dad ,nephew and I just got back from AK May 22-29th and have a awesome time.Personal best Walleye (28 incher and 40 pike for my nephew).We caught around 500(Rapala Counter) plus fish even with 3 days of rough weather with cold front and had post spawn conditions.Fish Pike only one day and caught many 30-40 inchers and the rest of the trip walleyes with so many 22-26 inchers it was unreal.Renee,John ,Belinda helped with any needs we had,Deb,Kevin were great hosts.Kevin marked maps and the staff I must say were great,Hayden put a new BBQ grill together for us.Great time. Saw Moose,bear ,eagles everwhere.Fishing awesome.Coming back later this year I Hope.Hopefully bear recovered from all the food we fed her.The Geary's once again thanks for one of my best trips ever out of over 40 to Canada.Adam get some pics up here and any questions folks feel free to contact me.Sincerely, gman1963@att.net. Greg Manweiler