Friday, January 1, 2010

Dennis Kellner returns for a Fifth straight year, He is a "Lifer" LOL

I've received a few notes from Dennis . I'VE TITLED IT
Words of Wisdom from the Walleye Wizard

Dennis's first hour on the water in 2009

With the Keith Bateman in June 2009

July 22, 2009
Took Belle our camp cook and cleaning lady fishing after lunch.
She wears a lot of hats and certainly deserves some time off.
Bluebird skies in the morning but fortunatley clouds built up during the day.
Water temp 66. A light wind out of the west. Looked perfect.
We went to my favorite big fish spot.
No giants yet the fishing was fantastic
We caught a 25 in two 24 and a half in several 24 and 23in and I dont know how many 18 to 22in.
No time to count.
We sat there for eight hours and the action never stopped.
A fishing day most people just dream of.
What a lake..

September 1, 2009
Went fishing with Kevin and the kids right out from camp.
It was a nice warm, partly cloudy day.
The fish were active and everybody was hooking up.
We probably caught around fifty fish in a couple of hours.
We could see camp and even hear one of the atv's running.
I got a 27 and a half in walleye.
Don't half to go far on this lake.

I remember Dennis Calling this the best day of Walleye fishing he ever had.
And I've been with Dennis on some very very good days.

The first year Dennis came for 2 weeks, the 2nd year he came for 4 weeks.
the third year he stayed for 10 weeks, then 12. That is why we call him a "LIFER". In 2009 his stay was cut short but Dennis came back up and still was able to squeeze in 10 weeks. Luckily September had the best weather in 40 years.
And the fishing was outstanding.

Out with Kevin at Walleye Point September 18, 2009

September 9, 2009

Out at the Ferrit Islands
"I was parked right on a whole school of walleye
You could not pay me to leave."
Got a nice 28 inch walleye.
tons of fish.

Dennis caught a Monster Walleye over 32 inches in 2008
this fabulous walleye deserves another look.
June 8, 2008
It was a beautiful spring morning. Balmy skies.
A light breeze producing a small chop on the water.
The fishing started off normally enough.
Lots of walleyes though no lunkers.
About an hour in a real heavyweight hit.
After a lengthy fight I finally got her to the surface.
My heart almost stopped when I saw how big she was.
Fortunatley I had a friend in the boat to net the fish.

A 32 inch walleye the biggest of my life.
An orange jig and a frozen shiner did the trick.
my favorite rig.
I have been fishing Canada since 1970.
Nungesser is the best and most consistent walleye lake I have ever seen.

Fortunatley I had a friend in the boat to net the fish????????/Editors note:I'm not sure was this the  "netman"

Watch the free fishing video clip of Hayden catching his largest walleye ever, a Massive, Record Walleye, caught on a jig, fishing Middle Narrows, with Kevin Geary, at Anglers Kingdom, the newest Lodge on Nungesser Lake Lodge,

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