Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 19-26

Had a great fathers day
Debra, Seanna and Hayden were up for the weekend
One more week until school is out.
We went out and caught GIGI some walleye
we caught a dozen walleye but went thru 4 dozen minnows doing it.
Lot's of misses and stolen minnows.
nothing big but lots of fun.
When I was driving Deb and Seanna down the river we came up on a Cow and calf moose
I wish I had the video camera
the sun was shining on the calf standing a few yards away, it was awesome
The cow went in the bush, the calf was still swimming across the river
I waited until it's feet were touching bottom then called it.
the calf stopped and looked at us for quite a while.
then the cow called and the calf scooted into the bush.
we could clearly here the little sqeeking calls from the calf and the cow calls.
then they both ran out a few yards down from us.
I called and they both stopped and looked at us
It was obvious they didn't want to stay on that side of the river.
I figured it was wolves or a bull.
but she ran back in anyways.
we sat and talked about it
Seanna and Hayden were pretty excited about it.
Debra admitted that she had always thought I was cracked when I made moose calls in the past
but after hearing them live she had upgraded my mental state.
soon I heard a bull call a few yards to our right.
after everyone quieted down they all heard a disticnt bull call.
that was the reason the cow did not want to be on that side of the river.

Carlos got some great video of the Eagles will share asap.

The Arnold Group 7 adults 9 children have been having a great trip
"catching walleye pretty much everywhere. They were in 6-8 feet on Saturday"
They were catching them in 18-20 feet Sunday.
didn't even need any bait.
I was cloudy in the am cleared by late morning and then thunder storms by late evening.
fish were biting very lite.

Monday morning - clear, mile high sky, dead calm.
we'll see what it brings.
The Arnold group was catching walleye pretty much everywhere.
from 5 -22 feet

Took Frank down to get some pics of the Eagles
Had them within 20 yards of the boat about a dozen times.
they were dive bombing 2 at a time.
Frank had a good camera with an excellent lens
He should have gotten some excellent photos.
will share them with you.

Hayden,Belinda, Dennis and I were catching walleye in 5-7 feet on the sand flats.
Dennis commented how hard the walleye were hitting on Sat and Sunday.

Fished behind the 3 sisters 18 feet, big hump 14 ft , jacks hump 12 ft and windy point 16ft - all had fish on them but they were biting very light.
went thru 4 dozen shiners and as many crawlers.
Fed 12 to the Eagles and took a few limits to my Mom

Was in town myself tues and wed.
fish fry for mom and my aunts.

Dennis reports the walleye still in 5-7 feet on the flats except during the dead calm periods mid day.
As long as there was some wind they were shallow all day.
Caught "lots and lots" were his exact words.
nothing huge about 25 inches

Belinda caught a "huge" pike off the dock but didn't get any pictures????

Neal Mcamis group still working hard on the pike
They had some success will get details.
"We got some good quality fish but not the numbers we would have liked"

changed over severall groups on thursday.
Rod Friese group
Butch Bjorlin
and Peter Wi all arrived thursday.
will update asap.

Dennis Kelner and Jim Wolf
"got a bunch" (he is a man of few words)
of walleye including some nice 25 ,26 inchers in 10-12 feet off of "Eagle nest"
photos to follow.

Friday dead calm all day mile high sky. thunder storms in the distance but none imminent.
William Bjorlin caught a 42 inch pike with Dennis on Eagle nest today
walleye were in 11-14 for them.

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