Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tom Banger and his group with 24'',25'' and 26'' walleye.

Tom Bangert, Kurt Brueninig and Mike Enge
we didn't catch 3 fish under 23 inches today and we caught over 50.
The three of us probably caught 150 over 23 inches this week
the biggest was 26.
Hundreds of smaller ones.
mostly 12 to 20 feet once in a while we'd get one in 8
the "S -turn" was the most productive.
the Biggest camed from north of "The Wall"

All along the face of that bay
Every pass
And if didn't get a bite all I had to do is start the motor
It was fun, we spent all day there and it was out of the wind
( wind was East and South)
Even in these nice big boats I didn't want to be out in the wind today."

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