Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here are the pics from our trip.

Jack (age 14) with a pair of nice pike. 41" and a 42" fatty.

Jack with a 29"walleye caught the last night on a muskie killer crankbait fishing a windy point in 7 feet of water.

Sam (age 9) with the best pike of his life.

Gage also caught his biggest pike this week.

Another fella in our group caught two 45" pike within 30 minutes. He was shortline trolling in the propwash of the motor on both of them!

Have a good season!

Todd DeMoss

"Thanks Todd I'm sure everyone would love to see pics of those two 45's. Pretty amazing, people will fish their whole lives and not catch one 45 let alone 2 inside an hour"

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