Friday, August 6, 2010

August 1-7: Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

August 6th
Scattered clouds in the a.m. with sunshine in the afternoon. Mild winds from the northwest getting brisk in the afternoon. Water temperature dropped to 66F.
Kevin and family went out to big hump and brought along Mike and his family for shore lunch. They hauled in about 200 fish collectively. Several in the mid twenties. Mike went out later in the afternoon and had “litereally the last fish of the trip” a nice 28” walleye before pulling in to the dock. They used jig heads with crawlers and minnows.
Kevin and the boys caught a further 70 fish after supper.

John and Peter went out toward pike alley and brought in about 50, and a few pike, using spinner rigs and jig heads with gulp alive.

Myron Stevenson and his group had about 100 walleye fishing out on the flats, using crawlers.
Myron was very complimentary on the camp and the lake. He phrased it as " a great lake to fish. If you were a golfer this is the type of lake you would enjoy". Which begs for the note that Red Lake does have a great 18 hole golf course that guests can enjoy perhaps on the day before or after their visit.
Myron went on to say the the lake" has everything, sand, mud or rock flats, both deep or shallow. LOTS of structure."
Myron also complimented our committment to guests enjoyement both on the water and in camp.
"The boats are great, the beds comfortable , and the food more than expected."
Myron had a lot more good stuff to say but most of you already know that.

He had some good photos that we will post asap

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