Friday, August 13, 2010

1200 Walleye - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Showers throughout the day, with mild winds from the East and water temperature at 65F.
The Anderson group and Reynolds group had a total of about 1200 walleye and a couple dozen pike. They are departing today, see ya next year. The other 12 from their group arrived today together there were 19 in the party. They spent the day drifting from the peninsula right behind camp all across the middle of north bay. They caught fish literally all over the whole bay. The 12 new guys estimated over 2000 fish. I went out with the kids and anchored in 15 feet of water off of the peninsula and we had doubles almost constantly with triples, quads and even had six fish on at one time - there were 7 of us. In an hour we caught well over 150 fish.

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