Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here is something you don't see everyday Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

Came across this fellow yesterday on the lake
notice anything unusual??

how about now?

I'm sure you've heard stories about this type of thing.
No it really doesn't have that much of a story.
Just Dennis taking his boat home.
Rene thought it would be easiest to leave it on the trailer until we get to the other side of the lake then just haul it across and back in the river again.
Turns out he was right and it made good photos to boot.
Clear skies in the am, mild overcast by the afternoon. Humid day today, temperature at 85 F and water temp at 72F. Great day for a dip out in the lake. Little to no winds with some chop out on the lake.
They Reynolds group had a “wonderful” day. They fished out of big bay, and caught a few big ones, including a 24 and 26” walleye. They were mainly jigging with crawlers and gulp baits. A few pike came up and took swipes at walleye they had hooked.

The Anderson group fished out of North bay and wolf island. Bringing in about 57 walleye and a few pike. Using spinner rigs and occasional jigs.

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