Friday, July 30, 2010

The Hodne Group: Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

The Hodne group is departing today.
Ron Hodne said "37 years and this was our best trip yet. Fishing was outstanding as usual, but I think it is getting better every year. Your staff this year is excellent, service and food outstanding and your boats and equipment are a big reason we come here.

Final count for our group which included 9 kids was over 3000 Walleye
The majority of walleye 16-20 inches at least 1000 were 20 -27 inches
caught 800 just on Sunday.
biggest Walleye 28" caught by Beaver Vollstedt
Biggest Northern 40 inches caught by Jared "Snowball" Vollstedt. "
"See you in September for our third trip of 2010".

Beautiful day today, dead calm “glass lake”. Water temperature at 68 F. Slow day for most. Mild winds from the north

Tom Chaladek and his son John, had about 54 with the biggest being a 40 inch pike, using a gold spoon and crawlers.

The Cosgrove group caught about 150 the largest at 24” walleye using crawlers on a spinner rig.

will get final totals for Cosgrove and Chaladek groups
Lots more pics to post as well.

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