Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23 -THE MONSTER WALLEYE HOUR - Ontario Red Lake Fishing Report

I took Seanna and Dennis out this afternoon.
Hayden guided his mom in his boat.

I wanted to do a little exploring around the sand flats. ( The Hoekstra group caught literally hundreds of big eyes around the flats this week)
however the kids wanted immediate results.
So after dodging a small thunderstorm I went a proven mid lake hump.
I spotted a bunch of big fish off the southwest corner and anchored up.
Within minutes Seanna had a Huge walleye.

I had to return to camp to take care of some things for my guests.
I continued to see a bunch of big active walleye and baitfish on the sonar unit.
I rcognized the kind of thing you don't see everyday and didn't want to miss what was going to happen.
I left my anchor in place and tied a small noodle on it. Dennis and Seanna jumped in with Hayden who tied his boat to my anchor rope so they would be in exactly the same spot
I was gone about 25 minutes and in that time Seanna had caught 2 more monster walleye.
Hayden had put them in the livewell so I could photograph them when I returned.
So here is an unusual photo of Seanna with two Giant Walleye.
Because we release all walleye over 18 inches this is a rare event.

Hayden got in on the act and Dennis also caught two or three nice big walleye
They also caught about two dozen nice eaters.
All within about an hour.
They were on the edge of the drop on the south west end of the hump
all in an area the size of one boat.
In 20- 26 feet of water.
All on orange jigs and frozen shiners.
When I returned and tied my boat to Haydens it altered the swing and moved them slightly off the spot maybe about 30 feet. No big walleye.
As soon as I untied my boat and Haydens boat swung back into optium position Dennis caught two more Giant Walleye.

This was a prime example of being in EXACTLY in the right place.
When going over the map with my guests I've often said to people that when I say right here I mean RIGHT here. THE spot on the spot is often a very small area. Even on spots that I've fished often I will criss cross looking for fish with my sonar unit then try to place the anchor to put the boat in EXACTLY the place I want. Sometimes I need to reset the anchor 20 or 30 feet one way or the other to get the boat exactly where it needs to be.
Big walleye action on these small areas is often for only a short period of time. So timing is critical and it is imperative that you "stay on em"
Typically what is happening is that the walleye have a school of perch or ciscoes pushed up against the edge of a structure. They will feed voraciously on them and then the school is either eaten or scattered and the fish catching subsides as the big walleye move on.
When you find them spread out over a large feeding shelf it can last all day while you catch one here and another 20, 50 or even 150 yards away.

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