Monday, July 12, 2010

Clear am, scattered clouds in the afternoon and evening. Nice sunshine with cool breeze to compliment it. Winds blowing from the south east, water temperature at 69 F.

Denny Burns and Carlos went out with Kevin had about 50 walleye and 35” pike fishing out of north and south bay.

Dave and his family had about 67 fishing out of wolf island and the three sisters. His son Cal hauled in a nice 26” walleye near wolf island.

Doug and Bobs group caught about 50.
Jan Murray had about 98

Brian and Chad’s group had about 72 the largest at 22”

Bruce and Laura again went out with the “wizard” and had a good day, catching lots of healthy 15 to 20” walleye, including several 23-24 inchers and this beauty.

Kevin Denny and Hayden went out after supper and caught about 30 off of wolf island and ferrit island. at sunset there were a bunch of nice size eyes in 6-10 foot.

Here's Cal's 26" Walleye

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